Do you want a simple diet? Here are the 5 easiest

Do you want a simple diet? Here are the 5 easiest

A big obstacle when you want to lose weight is finding a diet that is simple and that is not heavy to do, but that works. In my experience as a life coach and author of Dcomedieta, one of the biggest difficulties of people who go on a diet is just being able to combine meals.

Both due to lack of time (having to buy special foods, having to weigh everything) and logistical problems. For example, you work all day, often eat out, and so on.

In this article then I want to show you 5 types of very easy diets that work to lose weight, can be customized, meet all needs. Obviously it is impossible to think that there are no rules. Those who have to lose weight must consider making a change. It is not possible to lose weight by eating cakes and pizzas to exhaustion.

There are 5 different types of simple diets that are also very different from each other. For each type of diet, I tell you who it is suitable for. Then you will find the link with the menus. But remember: talk to your doctor before starting any diet.


1. Portion Control Diet.

What is it.
It is a balanced diet in which you eat everything, you just have to buy special containers (you can find them on Amazon) to dose the foods. Launched by the American nutritionist Autumn Calabrese, this diet allows you not to dose food and eat practically everything with the system of colored containers, very cheap.

Each color corresponds to a category of food, for example rice or eggs or fruit. Impossible to be wrong. It is also very popular in Italy. If you want to know how it works, click here. 

Who is it suitable for. It is suitable for those who can cook or take something cooked to work (the containers also work as “little boxes”) but do not weigh anything, so it is very easy. You don’t even have to buy special foods.
If you are bothered to use containers instead, there is also a measuring plate. Put the food on the plate in the quantities suggested by the boxes. It is a very simple method of losing weight and very educational. It teaches you to better balance foods. To read this variant click here. 

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