What to eat to lose weight

What to eat to lose weight

Have you ever had the feeling that being skinny forever wasn’t that hard, that it was all about what to eat and when to eat it, and the pounds would finally go away? Well, it is not just your feeling, it is the impression of many and in a certain sense it corresponds to the truth : both our health and our physical form depend on what we put in our mouth. And also how much we eat, of course. According to this article , for example, it would be enough to learn to eat according to the good habits of those who are already thin to lose weight immediately. In short, there are habits that those who have been thin for a lifetime already have naturally and always do.

The question therefore would not be what to eat to lose weight, but how much and how. Those who are always thin (I am an example and I confirm that this is the case), unless they have a hyperfast metabolism for genetic and physiological reasons, simply have excellent eating habits, that is, choose every day to be thin and not fat , not to cross that threshold that would transform him from a person who has control over his weight to one who does not, and who eats as he likes. Do you want some famous examples? Well, think of Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Jacqueline Kennedy. From present to past, we are filled with celebrated examples of people controlling and controlling themselves at the dinner table to be skinny forever.
There are four things that those who want to be and stay thin always do, every minute of their life, and that those who are fat choose NOT to do.

These are the four things that separate you from being thin for life. If you do not do it, it is because you have decided not to listen to them, not to follow them, focusing on what to eat to lose weight and on diets. Instead it is not the what, but the how and the how much.
According to experts, the habits that characterize all thin people are: self-control (do not give in to temptations every time, but one-off and do not eat until you burst); limit without abolition (do not think about the fact that certain foods will no longer be eaten and stay away from any diet that abolishes certain categories of foods: everything must be eaten in moderation); daily behavior and meal planning(if you buy junk food you can’t think of being able to keep it at home without eating it: correct yourself at home, in the office and when you go out for the healthiest solutions and plan what to eat); a moderate diet combined with physical activity (i.e. eating, without skipping meals or trying three-day restrictive diets).

Believe me, I just got back from a business trip where I had to wander around pastry shops and restaurants with all kinds of succulent sweets: in five days I indulged in just a slice of chocolate cake and a more substantial breakfast than usual and for hours I had in front of me every possible dessert. Really this is how things are: I know people who when I skip the dessert or take just a second at a business lunch they tell me “come on, you who are thin can eat whatever you want”. Well no. I’m thin precisely because I don’t eat everything I want.
Those who are thin choose not to go crazy, but to evaluate each meal in order to keep fit. There is nothing more. The key, as I always say, is moderation .

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