Characteristics of the sign of Scorpio

Characteristics of the sign of Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign, the planets that rule it are Mars and Pluto and its color is purple. We discover the quality and defects of the sign in the various areas.

Characteristics of the sign of Scorpio

Characteristics of the sign of Scorpio

Those born between October 23 and November 22 belong to the zodiac sign.

Scorpio is dominated by the water element but, in this case, it is not a calm and clear water but a deep and fixed water where you can find many surprises.

In fact , the natives of Scorpio are deep people with many hidden resources and also have a certain magnetism given by their mysterious nature.

To symbolize the zodiac sign is the scorpion , an animal equipped with powerful claws and a poisonous tail: the native enemies of the sign are rather vindictive and will not let you get away with any offense against them.

Their depth, however , is also given by the sensitivity and the strong sense of intuition that guides them in life.

Scorpio natives are energetic, intelligent, active and follow their passions. When they see or recognize a good principle or idea, they put it into practice to achieve the success they seek.

Scorpio and work

Scorpio is a sign of great determination that always leads him to fill prestigious roles.

His vital charge leads him to reach the goals he sets himself : defeat is just a chance, one more chance to improve and find the way to success the next time.

Sometimes the risk is to slip into arrogance or even extremism.

For example, when he has to communicate decisions, Scorpio can be direct and sharp without leaving space or the right to reply to others: tact and diplomacy are not his winning points .

On the other hand, as we said, Scorpio is a great worker because he tries every possibility and never gives up until he does what he wants.

This urge to go further and to try everything and for everything also helps him to increase and broaden his knowledge thus becoming even richer in inner resources.

His determination and willpower lead him  to the goal of what he wants and to ambitious results.

Scorpio and love

Scorpio is a sign that knows how to exert charm:  his way of being attracts and intrigues a lot for the charm that he does not lack at all!

Its dark and hidden side makes Scorpio even more mysterious .

Some emotions are often repressed by Scorpio although strong and deep: for Scorpio love is pure passion also represented by a certain degree of empathy .

Scorpio is still a sign that it is difficult to bond but when it does it is faithful and very protective towards the loved one.

Characteristic of the sign is a certain jealousy which often leads to possessiveness.

Scorpio and friendship

Scorpio is also basically very proud and touchy: it is not easy to make friends with this zodiac sign.

On the other hand, a characteristic of the sign is that of being direct and sincere : when a Scorpio says something you can be sure that it is the truth.

A true Scorpio will not like double tricks and flattery , always preferring sincerity.

But before deciding to grant his friendship, the Scorpio will put a strain on the person by putting them in difficulty

And finally, let’s remember, however, that Scorpio does not like advice : it is therefore good not to expect him to follow them because he will always do what he most feels like doing.

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