Hormones in food

Hormones in food

eggs photoAs some of you know, when we talk about diet we talk about hormones, in the sense that hormones have a huge impact both on our metabolic profile and on how much and how we eat: we therefore think not only of thyroid hormones, but also of the hormones that regulate hunger. , satiety, stress. If we are all in agreement so far, one thing that little is talked about is the hormones present in the foods we eat. Foods that therefore influence our hormonal profile without us even realizing it. The hormones present in food can be of two types: natural hormones and hormones that have been added (for example to the cows) to increase the productivity of the food and of which the food obviously has beautiful traces, as in the case of milk or meat .

In the first case we are talking about vegetables and legumes , some of which, like soy, contain phytoestrogens. In the second case we are talking about meat, cured meats, milk, dairy products, cheeses and butter that are produced by farms, but also eggs. While in the first case it is difficult to get to absorb an excess of phytoestrogens through plants, it is much easier to end up poisoned by all the hormones that are given to animals to push them to make more milk or eggs, and which appear to be related in humans to a increased cancer risk. These are the foods on which we need to pay more attention , limiting them in the diet if we cannot buy them elsewhere than in the supermarket, or informing us about the quality of the farms

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