How to check WHR | What is WHR | Waist to Hip ratio

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How to check WHR | What is WHR

How to check WHR
How to check WHR

in this article i will discuss about how to check WHR. The abbreviation of WHR is waist to hip ratio. It is a statistical indicator that is used to measure shape of body and used to indicate fat in body and also tells about risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also tells about atherosclerosis risk. In this article I will discuss completely about WHR (waist to hip ratio), Apple and Pear shaped body, How to calculate WHR and how maintain your WHR. In this article I will focus on WHR instead of other calculation to indicate health.

What is WHR? | How to check WHR

Waist to Hip ratio is called WHR. As we know that Obesity is a mother of diseases. And fat deposit in adipose and hip tissues main cause obesity. So to measure fat deposit in adipose and hip tissues we calculate our WHR.
Shapes of body:
There are two types of body shape that are used to indicate health conditions. These two types are below:
Apple Shaped body
Pear shaped body
Apple Shaped:
It is shape of body in which adipose tissues have more weight than hip tissues. In this condition abdominal obesity is present that is responsible for many diseases.
We can say that Apple shaped body is bad for health.

Pear shaped how to check WHR

It is shape of the body in which hip tissues have more weight than adipose tissues. It indicates low rate of diseases.
Pear shaped body: Low risk
How to check your waist to hip ratio:
If you want to check your WHR then follow these steps that are given below:
First of all stand in anatomical position.
Measure your abdominal circumference with measuring tape from belly button.
After that measure your hip circumference with measuring tape.
Always remember take these measurements in cm.
Put these values in the following formula:
Waist circumference (cm) / Hip circumference (cm)

Ranges for WHR:

Normal Ranges for a person of WHR are given below:
Low risk:
Less than 0.95 is normal for male
Less than 0.80 is normal for females
Moderate risk:
0.96 – 1 is moderate for male
0.81 – 0.85 is moderate for female
High rate risk:
More than 1 for male
More than 0.85 for females
How to maintain your WHR:
Change your Diet plan
Change your life style: Change your life style into active life style
Reduce intake of low quality fat
Reduce your weight


In the light of above discussion we can say that WHR is an indicator to indicate health condition of body. You can check your WHR according to the above formula and can check in ranges. Change in diet plan, Change in lifestyle as well as weight loss maintain WHR.


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