What is BMR | How to check your BMR

What is BMR | How to check your BMR

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What is BMR | How to check your BMR

It is most important question that how much calories are required in one day? So, If you want  know that how much calories are recommended for you then you should to be calculate your BMR. What? You don’t know…. How to calculate Basal metabolic rate? Don’t worry, In this I will completely discuss about Basal metabolic rate, What is Basal metabolic rate, How to calculate your BMR? How to calculate total calories according to life style as well as I will briefly discuss about life styles? In this article I will focus about general and according to life style energy requirement instead of addition and subtraction of calories in special conditions.

What is BMR?

Abbreviation of Basal metabolic rate is:
B: Basal
M: Metabolic
R: Rate
BMR is the minimum calories that required by our body to perform proper functioning. Many peoples compare Basal metabolic rate with total energy requirements. Actually both are different from each other. Basal metabolic rate is Energy that required by our body according to weight, height and age while total energy requirement are total calories that required by our body according to life style.
How to calculate your BMR:
If you want to know your BMR then his data is required:
you age in kg
Your height in cm
Your age in years

Formula to calculate Basal metabolic rate:

There are two different formulas for male and female. Both are given below:
For Females:
BMR = 665.1 + (9.6 x weight in kg) + (1.18 x height in cm) – (4.7 x age in years)
For example: If a woman has 56 kg weight and 145 cm tall in the age of 20 years:
BMR = 665.1 + (9.6 x 56) + (1.18 x 145) – (4.7 x 20)
= 665.1 + 537.6 + 171.1 – 94
= 1280 kcal are required by this lady.
Formula For male:
66.47 + (6.24 x weight in kg) + (12.7 x height in cm) – (6.7 x age in years)
There are four types of lifestyle, each one is described:
Sedentary lifestyle:
It is less active lifestyle generally it is life style of office workers.
Active lifestyle:
It is more active lifestyle than sedentary life style. Generally it is lifestyle of house wife, and labors etc.


It is more active lifestyle. Sport nutrition deals with this type of BMI. Generally it is lifestyles of players.
Total energy requirements:
As we calculate BMI, Total energy also calculates according to your activity. Formula to calculate TER is  below:
For sedentary life style:
BMR x 1.2
For Active life style:
BMR x 1.7
If you are athlete then:
BMR x 1.9 (may change in specific condition)
How to design manual plan:
Your Manual plan is also design on the basis of BMR Rand TER because they tell about total calories that are used to design a balance diet plan.


At the end according  all above information we can say that Basal metabolic rate is very important calculation in house hold to maintain diet plan and to calculate how much energy is required to a body.


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