What is the Swedish philosophy lagom

What is the Swedish philosophy lagom

Lagom is much more than a fashion: lagom is a way of life that comes from Sweden, and which combines sobriety with the right measure and satisfaction. But it’s easy to be lagom everywhere.

What is the Swedish philosophy lagom

Lagom: the Swedish philosophy for living with the right

We have heard a lot about hygge and lagom in recent years . Both are terms that identify ways of living and conceiving life in all its manifestations, from work to relationships, from the choice of what to buy to design and furnishings.

Lagom is a word that does not have a specific and rigid translation: it can be understood as ” just measure “, as “appropriate” and “adequate”, as ” neither too much nor too little, the sufficient “.

The beauty of lagom is that it does not identify precise standards regarding how much and what, but sends the evaluation of the right medium and the right amount to each of us .

Right amount of food , which leads to focusing more on what deeply nourishes, rather than filling one’s stomach only out of necessity or vice.

Right quality of clothing and objects , avoiding the waste of resources and the useless accumulation of goods that increase stress and confusion, in a vicious circle in which we strive more and more to buy more and more items that in the end we do not have the time to use and which do not give an enjoyment.

Right balance between work and rest , giving rest and leisure, time for oneself, the same dignity of work and the much-loved Western concept of productivity.

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The right means and balance according to the lagom philosophy

As well told, with irony and intelligence, in the book “Lagom: the Swedish recipe for living with less being happy” by Lola A. Akerstrom , lagom means sobriety : there is no satisfaction, according to the popular lagom philosophy, in excess.

Not in pursuing it and not even in owning it. Just as there is no room for privations and too little, nor for a phantom and ascetic detachment from the pleasure and materiality of life.

Having fun can be lagom, if you have enough fun, if you don’t overdo it, if you don’t get overwhelmed by gestures and continue to focus on what is necessary to be satisfied.

Lagom is sustainability : lagom has its roots in Swedish culture, a culture in which the community is deeply felt and respected, in the sense of discreet but tangible sharing of space, time and resources, as well as respecting the needs of others.

The lagom never has more than what he needs at that moment and which he can concretely use for his own well-being. He does not particularly like frills, he relies on a clean and sober beauty, inconspicuous and harmonious. It is neither boisterous nor excessive.

All this may sound like an exaggerated and difficult moderation to implement, but if you go I will happen to take a trip to Sweden you will understand better what lagom is, seeing how this particular philosophy makes people happy, satisfied, less hectic and more balanced than than we are in other European countries.

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