What is BMI | How to calculate BMI

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What is BMI | How to calculate BMI:

As we know that obesity is mother of diseases, it may cause many diseases in your body. Some peoples don’t know that how to check obesity. So to check you are obese or not we use Medicare Beneficiary Identifier And good news is here is this that I will teach you that how to check your BMI, Yes in this article I will discuss completely about BMI, What is BMI, How to check your BMI and normal range for BMI. So if you want to know all of this then please read this article till end.

What is

What is BMI
What is BMI


Body Mass Index it statically calculation to identify underweight, Normal and overweight persons. It also gives us information about obese type I and Obese type II.
What is underweight?
Underweight is condition in which a man required to gain weight. In this condition a person have lower weight than normal weight.
What is Overweight?
Overweight is condition in which man required to lose weight. In this condition a person have slightly higher weight than normal person.
Obese type I:
It is condition in which weight of a man is more than overweight.
Obese type II:
It is type of obesity which is last condition of overweight. It is severe condition.

How to calculate Medicare Beneficiary Identifier:

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier is gives information about the shape of body according to height and weight.
Formula to calculate BMI is given below, After this I will tell you step by step that how precisely calculate BMI.
Standard Formula: BMI = Weight in kilogram / Height in meter2
Modern Formula: According to this formula we can calculate BMI as:
BMI = Weight in lb x 703 / Height in inch2
Simple standard formula is simple formula than empirical formula. It is most common used in many countries.

Steps to Calculate Medicare Beneficiary Identifier:

First step: Measure your weight:
In fasting take a weight measuring machine.
Remove all errors from this machine and place it at straight plan place.
Stand on this machine and note your weight, note 2 digits after decimal.

Second step: Check your height:

Stadiometer is a device that is used to calculate your exact height. Follow following steps to check your accurate height:
Set stadiometer with any straight wall.
Remove all extra accessories which increase or decrease height should be removed.
Stand behind the meter of stadiometer in anatomical position and measure height.
Third Step: Note down ale calculations.
Fourth Step: convert height that is in ft. into inches after that in meters and take square of meter.
Fifth Step: Put these values in the formula.
BMI = Weight in kilogram / Height in meter2
Given result is your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier. Match this Medicare Beneficiary Identifier with ranges and identify your status.
Ranges for BMI:

There are five conditions:

Over weight
Obese I
Obese II

If your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier is in the range of 18.5 to 24.9 then you are normal.
If your BMI is lower 18.5 then you are underweight.
you BMI is in the range of 25 to 29.9 then you are overweight.
BMI is in the range of 30 to 39.5  you are obese I.

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier is more than 40 then you have Obese II.

Condition Medicare Beneficiary Identifier
Under weight Less  18.5
Normal 18.5 – 24.5
Overweight 25.5 – 29.9
Obese I 30 – 39.9
II More than 40

 type II:

It is very severe condition it may cause many diseases such as diabetes, Hypertension and Other diseases. At this condition you should to be concern with your doctor.
If you want to maintain your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier then visit our following article and follow diet plan to lose weight and gain weight.


At the end we can say that Obesity is mother of diseases, so to identify am I obese or not, you should to be calculate your body mass index. This calculation is according to your weight and height. It has five conditions, underweight, normal, Overweight, Obese 1 and Obese 2. You can calculate your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier with the formula:
BMI = Weight in kilogram / Height in meter2
If you want to calculate your BMI, than click on this link.






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