Weight loss diet plan

Weight loss diet plan | Tips to lose weight

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Weight loss diet plan | Tips to weight loss

Weight loss diet plan
Weight loss diet plan

In this article i will show you Weight loss diet plan is not a magic, you cannot achieve your ideal body weight in two day or three days, you should to be lose weight slowly. Within one month you will see result. I will tell you some tips through which you can lose weight and control over weight. Within one month you will see results by using these tips.

Change your eating behavior:

Eating behavior excessively involved in obesity, excessive eating cause obesity. Some psychological diseases also involved that change eating behavior and cause obesity. Actually over eating is responsible of obesity. Excessively intakes of carbohydrates cause obesity. We should to change our refined cereals intake with whole grains. Because whole grains contain fibers that lose weight. If you are obese then you should to be used high protein diet. We should use meat, egg (boiled egg, because fried egg contain fat of oil but in obesity we reduce fat intake), pulses and other protein containing foods. Reduce your calories intake gradually, but don’t lower than your BMR.

Don’t use junk foods| Weight loss diet plan

Reduce intake of junk foods and commercially available foods. Because junk foods contain refined carbohydrates and fat. Commercial available foods contain artificial contaminants and additive sugars. That is responsible for diabetes and obesity. Junk foods may be not health hygiene. It is highly calories food that responsible for obesity. It may increase fat in your body that causes obesity, cardiovascular disease and blockage of blood capillaries. In market low quality oil and mayonnaise and other constituents are used to enhance profit. As it commercial available soft drinks also cause obesity. Because they contain excessive added sugar, approximately 10 table spoon in one glass. That is enough for obesity. So we should use always homemade and healthy foods instead of junk and commercial available foods.

Use excessively Fibers| Weight loss diet plan

Fibers are present in every fruit and vegetable. In obesity many oxidants produced in body, If we use high fiber diet than all excessive oxidants remove because fibers are indigestible and remove as we intake. Another reason to use fiber is that high fiber diets give low calories, while full fill appetite. In obesity we should to reduce calories, if we reduce calories then adipose tissues give fatty acids to produce energy in body so our waist circumference will maintain. In the absence of glucose fat is used as a source of energy in body. Fibers contain low energy than body use fatty acids and our weight will maintain.

Change your life style:

Your working life style highly involved in obesity. We should change our life style to active life style. Obesity is caused by sedentary and less active life style, because a man cannot use excessive calories, but intake regularly. So less active life style is highly responsible for obesity. We should change life style, Exercise regularly and always give priority to exercise that increase sweeting. Because it burns calories and excessive fat in body. For example running, jogging and gym are exercise used to reduce obesity.

Don’t use additive sugars:

It is major cause of obesity and silent killer disease diabetes. We should not use additive and artificial sugar in our diets. Confectionaries and soft drinks contain higher amount of additive sugars that increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Additive sugar is sucrose that is responsible to increase glucose level in our body. We should use natural sugars, For example Grapes: it contain fructose that is beneficial obese and diabetic patient.

Reduce fatty foods:|Weight loss diet plan

We should reduce fatty foods because low fat should be store in adipose tissues. We can say that excessive calories store in body that increase weight. As it low quality oil and fatty acids that have less amount of amino acids store in body and don’t burn into energy. So we should use low fat containing food. Or we should use high protein diet.
Drink plenty of water:
Always remember dehydration cause many serious diseases. So don’t compromise with water intake. Always use plenty of water. Because water wash many oxidants from body and it gives appetite.


At the end we can say that bye following these tips we can reduce our weight in one month.
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