What are Juice Plus products?

What are Juice Plus products?

You have surely heard about  Juice Plus products  and various  opinions  about them.

But what is it really about? And most importantly, does the Juice Plus diet  work ?

So let’s see specifically what the products are for and when they can be used, even if it is already clear, from a quick glance, that the products are various and that they serve the most varied needs.

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Juice Plus products

Using Juice Plus products , which are not exactly supplements but  nutraceuticals,  in everyday life is certainly a winning choice, especially if we think about the reduced times of our stressful lives, the products that are all natural and the fact that each of these products certainly costs less than any meal, even cooked, we decide to eat: less than 2 euros per pack.

The products include:

  • bars
  • shakes
  • soups
  • booster

The bars can be made either with a fruit mix or with chocolate and both contain only 210 calories. They are also composed of flax seeds, omega-3 fatty acids, are rich in dietary fiber and are vegan.

They are also gluten-free and this is also a plus since it is a product designed especially for those with large or small food intolerances.

Smoothies are truly an excellent substitute for a snack or full meal and contain only 220 calories.

They have a vanilla or chocolate flavor and can be enriched with milk, whatever you want, and also fresh or frozen fruit, fat-free cereals, dried fruit, etc. They also contain vegetable proteins from soy, rice and chickpeas but also healthy fats and carbohydrates all in perfect balance.

The vegetable soups are also ready in no time. In fact, we are talking about adding 300 ml of milk, including soy milk, if you are vegan and it is without preservatives with only vegetable proteins of high biological value and with fibers, all with a low glycemic index.

The booster is a supplement that effectively fights swelling and water retention and has green tea and oat oil inside that are perfect for draining. Glucomannan then helps give you energy at a very low calorie intake .

Do they work?

They certainly work when coupled with a diet that is well balanced, healthier and with fresh, light ingredients. They will never work coupled with a wrong diet and a sedentary lifestyle.


Ultimately talking about products like Juice Plus is quite simple.

They are controlled and professional products, so opinions differ a lot based on personal experiences.

But does the product work? I feel I can tell you yes, but it is not the product itself, which is certainly excellent, that works if you don’t.

This is clear and it is right that miracles are not sold here but we seek the right way to change our lives for the better.

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