The purifying diet that lasts 3 days and its menu to be reworked as you prefer

The purifying diet that lasts 3 days and its menu to be reworked as you prefer

purifying diet that lasts 3 days and its menu

Do you need a break, a stop from everyday life?

Are you feeling heavy, do you want to do something to cleanse your body , like 3 days in which you will no longer eat fast food and alcoholic or carbonated drinks ?

I have the menu for you with a  very easy to follow 3 day cleansing diet  .

We are therefore talking about a tired body, a body that needs a stop to what is the everyday diet.

So if we want to eliminate toxins and excess liquid this is the detox diet for us.

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The 3-day menu

We are talking about a rather drastic diet, so my advice is to try a detox menu for about 3 days and see what changes this food shock brings to our body.

So we are very careful not to overdo this diet but to do it from time to time to improve the functionality of the organs stressed by the daily grind and maybe even to speed up our metabolism .

Before talking about the menu I would like to tell you that this diet strengthens the immune system and if done for a short time it can only improve the metabolism and health of our body.

So let’s see specifically what to eat and what not to.

First day

• Fruit (excluding bananas, persimmons and other sugary fruit)
• Fresh and unsweetened seasonal vegetables but can be seasoned with ginger, turmeric and lemon. Do not use oil and salt, water retention must be stopped.
• At least one and a half liters of water but possibly also two
• Two cups of green tea without sugar which is very good thanks to the catechin it is rich in and which is an excellent natural antioxidant
• As a snack three walnuts or 15 almonds

Second day

• Fruit (always excluding banana persimmon and very sugary fruit)
• Fresh seasonal vegetables or seasoned with turmeric, ginger and lemon also using a centrifuge to blend it
• At least one and a half liters of water, which you can make more pleasant by drink with lemon or chopped ginger
• Two cups of purifying herbal tea of ​​your choice with stevia to sweeten
• Always walnuts or almonds as a snack

Third day

• Fruit (always excluding sugary ones)
• Fresh seasonal vegetables that you can centrifuge
• Water with ginger and lemon if you prefer and to drink throughout the day
• Soybeans that you can also use in a good lentil soup to eat
• Two cups of purifying herbal tea throughout the day at most to be sweetened with stevia.
• Dried fruit, as is customary, as a snack.


It is certainly not easy to decide to stop everyday life and do 3 days of purifying diet.

In this case we are talking about a menu that is easy to carry out for a short time and that is very healthy, detoxifies great and this can only do us good!

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