Wellness and slimming packages

Wellness and slimming packages

woman-relaxing-at-resortThe stress hormone, cortisol, is known to make you fat . And there are times when, thanks to climate change, the distance from holidays, home and work commitments, lead us to an accumulation of stress and the feeling that, despite what we do, certain situations make us feel slowed down, tired, with less polish, as if we were running out and neglecting. What to do?
It is the right time to treat yourself to a wellness package that frees the body from stress and allows us to switch off. The line will also benefit.

In this regard, I have selected not individual hotels, but sites specialized in wellness and slimming packages that can provide you with different solutions depending on the period, the place where I’d like to take a break (if more or less close to home) and the price range. In fact, there are very discounted last-minute wellness packages, which make this solution a convenient gift for yourself or for the couple.
The Centribenessere.com site , for example, collects the offers communicated by the various spas and hotels, even if only for a one-night escape and beauty treatments for morning and afternoon. For those who have no idea when to get free and leave and want to get a cheap gift, there are Smartbox offers of the ” Relaxing escape“, At the price of 99 euros. The Benessereviaggi website also offers excellent offers for everyone, and above all updated to last minute, such as a long weekend for less than eighty euros. Personally I have never been comfortable with Groupon or Groupalia, so I will not recommend them.
Even Boscolo , the famous chain, offers wellness and relaxation packages in its facilities, the Boscolo Gifts, for all prices: from the offer for seventy euros to the most luxurious packages for a thousand euros. For those who want to escape from Italy, we recommend the spas in Slovenia and of course in Hungary, but also Croatia, if out of season, offers some gems.

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