Relaxed and sagging skin after the diet

Relaxed and sagging skin after the diet

Like this woman who has lost a lot of kilos and finds herself with totally relaxed skin folds to manage, skin that after three pregnancies and various surgeries could be eliminated in her case only with a heavy lifting, there are many people who find themselves with severe sagging of the skin after doing a lot of diets , losing pounds and gaining weight, or losing a lot of pounds with diet or bariatric surgery. What are the reasons for sagging and sagging skin after the diet?
leatherleafUnfortunately, the reasons are many: first of all, when you have an overweight problem, it is good to try to change your life still at a young age., that is towards the 30/40 years: after the fifties our skin loses elastin and therefore despite the weight loss it cannot shrink together with the waistline, but tends to overflow with an aesthetically unpleasant effect. Again: if we have been overweight for a lifetime, it will undoubtedly be difficult to manage not to have problems with loose skin. In fact, let’s imagine our skin as a wool sweater: and let’s imagine stuffing this sweater with one or two pillows after wearing it, in the middle of the belly. Let’s pull it down to perfectly fit the cushions, and keep it like that for at least an hour: now, let’s take the cushions off and see what happened to the fibers of that sweater. Surely they have pulled and stretched, ruining the fabric and deforming it even if now there are no more cushions. Here, the pillows are the skin fat that is gone after the diet, and our body is like a baggy sweater

What can we do? Of course, keeping the pounds is not the solution. 
According to experts, the first step is to combine gymnastics with the diet, in order to work the muscles and also firm the skin.: The best results in excessive weight loss are those achieved by people who have associated the gym with diet from the beginning. This is essential.
Another thing that should not be underestimated is both nutrition, rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables, amino acids and good fats that help the formation of elastin and muscle development, therefore of lean mass, and the use of products to use. topical several times a day, such as body oils and butters, from the very first days of the diet. Obviously, you have to be realistic: losing weight at 40 is not like losing weight at 20, and losing and regaining weight is the worst solution to “stretch” our skin, creating sagging skin. This is why it is important to always stay within the weight reached and avoid the yo-yo effect. The last resort? Obviously the facelift, which removes excess skin. 

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