Do fats make you lose weight? Nì

Do fats make you lose weight? Nì

go on a dietAs I wrote in a previous article, the trend lately is to say that a full-fat diet would lead to weight loss . The fats would increase the metabolism, the sugars would be disposed of more easily and the fat would burn fat. There are two factions for this same theory: those who say that not all fats are good but only unsaturated ones, with particular attention to fatty acids, and those who easily clear even saturated ones (from the series: killing yourself with mortadella)

Let’s get to the diet: is it true that eating more fat makes you lose weight?  Here, too, the question is misplaced : those who eat a lot of carbohydrates have health risks and excess pounds just like those who eat a lot of fat. That is: it is not said that fats necessarily make you fat, but it is true that if I eat more, it is understood as too much, and as too caloric, I gain weight. This thing is demonstrable, the others are not. Try changing your diet by eating lots of fat. You will gain weight. I can cut calories and nutrition from carbohydrates, or choose to cut from fat, because carbohydrates and fats make us fat in the first place, but even if I were on a diet that was twice my energy requirement of protein alone, I would still be fat.
The health drama is the combination of these two things: lipids and sugars. For the line, however, what counts is how much we eat compared to how much we spend in energy terms.  You will undoubtedly find the health-conscious who does not eat saturated fats, he is in great shape and eats a lot of whole-grain carbohydrates. You will also find the health-conscious who has abolished cereals, eats saturated fats and proteins a go go. The problem is that a swallow does not make spring: if you find a person who tells you “I eat saturated fat and I’m fine, I have normal cholesterol and I’m thin” you must also think that on the one hand he has eliminated all carbohydrates from the diet,  from the else we do not all respond in the same way to the production of cholesterol and triglycerides or in the way we gain weight

. Lifestyle goes a long way. Anyone who doesn’t demonize fats but grains is often a bodybuilder.
The key is not to demonize a food, but to avoid imbalances and eat in moderation, moving more: whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Up to thirty percent fat if you are healthy, with two thirds unsaturated fat and only one third or less saturated. It is not difficult. Proper nutrition is not a war.

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