Weight loss stories: mom loses 49 kg without giving up

Weight loss stories: mom loses 49 kg without giving up

A young mother lost her beauty of 49 kg whose story is one of the most unusual slimming stories.

A lover of fast food and practically addicted to it, Jessica Dotson , a woman from Alabama, however, lost weight no longer by completely giving up the foods she loved.
Her Achilles heel was in fact the chicken nuggets and the fries of Mc Donald’s, which she ate in the extra large portion 5 times a week, not counting the rest of her.
After her second pregnancy, however, her weight increased to 114 kilos.

Now, although continuing to eat unhealthy foods and above all fried in bad oils is not the best for those who want to both lose weight and follow a healthy diet, and so far we all get there, I imagine, it is also true that all attempts to fighting this addiction for Jessica had failed. Any diet that did not include fast food, virtually all weight loss diets, were out of the question for Jessica.

After two weeks of effort and some results, Jessica ended up failing and from there feeling guilty until she gave up the diet.

I have therefore chosen to tell you her weight loss story for all people who have an addiction to particular foods. And include 3 ways to deal with addiction without losing the strength to lose weight.

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