Is the microwave bad? How to use it in the diet?

Is the microwave bad? How to use it in the diet?

There are many people in Italy and in the rest of the world who use the microwave oven, but in recent years there has been repeated talk of its dangerousness, and even of a carcinogenic risk. In other cases we hear that the oven alters the nutritional values ​​of foods, thus making them poorer in nutrients or more dangerous for health.

Today I decided to clarify this point: is the microwave bad? Is it synonymous with unhealthy cooking?
Let’s see what scientific research says about it and what the experts say.


There is currently no scientific evidence that microwaves can cause cancer. Designed in 1946 by an engineer, this device uses radiation that penetrates the water molecules of the food, which produce heat at high speed, vibrate, and cook the food.

Many think it is carcinogenic for two reasons.
For the fact that it uses radiation and for the fact that it alters the molecular structure of the food in some way, making it harmful. Both things need to be reviewed.

First of all, the microwave uses radiation, but it does not use gamma rays or ox, which are ionizing rays, that is, they can alter the cell, and can alter DNA in humans, for example. Although scientific studies do not agree on this point either, remember that the microwave if used well is harmless. Microwave radiation is very low-exposed and non-ionizing.

If you turn on the microwave with the door closed as it should be, and turn it off before opening the door, that radiation can harm you is considered virtually impossible according to the American Cancer Society and the WHO or the Center for Food Safety .

Provided, however, that you consider a few things.

  • Do not use old or damaged appliances. In the event of damage, the door that no longer closes properly or parts that overheat too much, have the oven repaired or buy a new one.
  • The ovens must be guaranteed by standard and reliable manufacturers. Microwave ovens must be kept well and clean.
  • The material used to heat the food must be suitable for microwave cooking. The instructions must be followed and the door must not be opened while the microwave is in operation, especially avoiding contact with the eyes.
  • In short: just have the right precautions, keep the oven in perfect hygienic conditions, use the right materials, buy compliant ovens and in this case we are talking about zero risk.
  • At the same time, being non-ionizing radiation, the microwave oven rays do not make food radioactive.
    This is just impossible.
    However, there are a few things to pay attention to when using the microwave oven for cooking food

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