Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Pills

I rarely eat out for lunch as I consider most fast food super unhealthy for this reason I am also considering diet pills .

Much easier is, believe me, to make something at home the night before, something super fast and healthy.

You might think you don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, but once you read all my food tips for eating good things, you won’t want to go out and try a nasty fast food.

Christmas is coming, a time when one more goes around, meets people, there are a lot of parties to attend.

If you are looking to lose weight fast for an upcoming party or if you need weight loss in no time then perhaps we will need some extra help.

I looked into the super popular Hydroxycut , but when I was doing my research I came across several other products that help with weight loss (protein shakes, protein bars, etc) or at least boast this ability.

Needless to say, I wondered if there was any scientific evidence to back up these miracle pills.

Now let’s go in order.

Let’s start with the supplements.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Pills: Weight Loss Supplements


Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee extract comes from roasted coffee beans. Just like regular coffee beans, green coffee extract will provide your body with caffeine. Many believe that in addition to caffeine, the seeds contain chlorogenic acid , which is often destroyed after roasting, but can help reduce the amount of glucose that is absorbed by the body. This can lead to weight loss, but there hasn’t been enough scientific research to promote it to real weight loss help.


We find synephrine , a relative of the controversial ephedrine, in bitter oranges. It may be recalled that the stimulation of ephedra, present in many diet pills, has been evaluated as effective, but is now banned by the FDA (American Food Drug Administration) as it has caused severe heart problems. Synephrine is not as strong as ephedrine, we have been given indications that it can still work the same way to suppress appetite and boost metabolism. However, there are no great evidences from the scientific point of view and, personally, after the history of ephedrine, I have always been far from it.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is a type of fatty acid that can typically be found in meat and dairy products. Our bodies do not produce CLA, but it has been regarded as reducing body weight and accelerating our metabolic rates, according to Dr. Mercola. A study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that participants using CLA dropped about one pound per month.

However, it should be noted that long-term use of CLA can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or bloating. Rae Uddin for LiveStrong writes that CLA can “adversely affect blood vessel function,” elevating the risk of developing heart disease. CLA supplements raise blood sugar levels, so they are not recommended for diabetics.


Glucomannan can be found in the fibrous roots of konjac potatoes. Since glucomannan is so fibrous it helps you feel fuller for longer. Similar to chia seeds, glucomannan absorbs water and becomes a gelatinous consistency in your body. Aside from providing your body with some fiber, there haven’t been enough successful studies to warrant its effectiveness.


Forskolin is a descendant of the mint family and advocates say it decreases both body mass and fat mass. However, there have only been two human studies that have worked on the influence of forskolin on weight loss and they have not been very successful. One study said forskolin “is not good for weight loss, but it can help mitigate weight gain.” I would honestly wait before including it in any diet because we know too little about it.

Most of the time, however, these supplements, perhaps even to be prepared in herbal medicine , do not make our life easier also because it is nowhere proven that they really lead to any results.

We come to the most interesting part, then. I have studied several weight loss pills and have discovered interesting things. Let’s start with the best.

The most popular diet pills

Absolutely, and I have done some research I can assure you, that I am about to tell you about what I think is the best product.

We know perfectly well that our bodies need numerous valuable nutrients to be truly healthy.

And I have been telling you for a long time that a balanced diet based on fruit and vegetables works with us and our metabolism effectively.

In capsules they have concentrated and transformed the nutritional essence of 27 types of fruit, vegetables and berries. In this way it is possible to benefit from precious secondary plant substances, vitamins and mineral salts, all fundamental phytonutrients.

Through a process of squeezing and dehydration, water and unusable elements are eliminated and we focus with extreme attention on plant substances, therefore nutritional, in their natural form .

The SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, a German institute that has been working in the field for 30 years and is synonymous with excellent quality and guarantee, has granted the European product seal after a thorough evaluation of the relevant documentation, a comprehensive product analysis phase and a thorough inspection. of production plants keeping the plants under control every few months.

My conclusion: we are talking about a very high quality product, checked from start to finish. The best, I had already announced to you.

Ubervita W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer

Weight Loss Pills: Ubervita W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer

Ubervita is not popular, Ubervita is very famous. These pills have over 9,000 customer reviews.

Let’s go back to talking about  thermogenesis which is the process of production or enhancement of heat through the stimulation of the metabolism. The theory is that by increasing your basal metabolic rate, you also increase the amount of energy you consume. Exercising more energy burns more calories.

According to the manufacturer this is the number 1 thermogenic pill in the industry and offers “scientifically recognized” results for increasing the body’s metabolism. But since there is no scientific evidence or links to clinical studies, why should we believe it?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

Primarily the W700 pill has 100% of our recommended daily value of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 is useful for a lot of things, even it has been used to eradicate pellagra. But there are a lot of contraindications. For example it is strongly diuretic and this is also bad if taken in excess. Then there are caffeine, bearberry, guarana, all stuff that increases energy and takes away your appetite. God, it also makes your heart beat faster.


My conclusion: Despite the claims made Ubervita is not tested, so I don’t think it will do much. Sure you’ll be so shot up thanks to the caffeine and you’ll always be in the bathroom with all those diuretics. But from here to understand how much it works, well, it takes some.

Alli® Aid, Orlistat

Alli is the only diet pill accepted by the FDA. Alli’s motto: “For every 2 pounds you lose with diet and exercise, Alli can help you lose another one,” is not only interesting, but hopeful.

So what’s in Alli that is so helpful in maximizing your weight loss efforts?

Orlistat , a specific drug for the treatment of obesity. According to the Mayo Clinic , “Orlistat works by keeping the gut able to absorb some of the fat from the food you eat. Undigested fat passes out of your body in your bowel movements. “

Lancet study found that obese patients taking Orlistat lost more body weight, on average, than the placebo group (10.2% vs 6.1%) during the first year.

While Alli doesn’t have stimulants like other pills, its side effects are mainly towards bowel movements. As in a report on NBC News : “The drug’s manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, is ahead of the pill’s side effects, suggesting wearing dark pants or a change of clothes for a variety of possible consequences. “

What are these “possible consequences”? What does the manufacturer GSK refer to? Bowel movements, excessive diarrhea, unexpected and sudden, uncontrollable stimuli.

My conclusion: Alli definitely helps block fat but do I have to be afraid of having tremendous bouts of diarrhea for the whole cure? I would say no.


Weight Loss Pills: PhenElite


PhenELITE remains one of the most popular weight loss pills, probably as a result of their too good to be true claims. The manufacturers claim that their unique formula “allows you to lose 15 pounds or more,” breaks down fat cells, and suppresses food cravings in “a few days”.

Statements like these always make me suspicious.

What’s in this perfect pill that sheds pounds so fast?

As you can see from reading on the site, the first ingredient in PhenELITE is raspberry ketone . While preliminary studies in mice look promising, Becky Hand, an editor at the Huffington Post , says, “There is no evidence to support these claims. There has been no testing to determine its safety or dosage [for humans]. “

It worries me that something so popular hasn’t been tested.

Let’s move on to the African Mango extract (gabonensis).

Julius Oben, a physician, associate professor of nutritional biochemistry at the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon, told Shape , “African mango has been a staple for many tribes in Cameroon and Nigeria, and a feature of these tribes is their slim build, as well as the low incidence of cardiovascular disease. “



Then we have an ingredient that I actually share: green tea extract which we know is very effective in weight loss.

Another addition to the PhenELITE formula is resveratrol .

In general, resveratrol is associated with wine but it is also suitable for those who do fitness.


Then we have caffeine, grapefruit powder, acai and apple cider.

My Bottom Line: PhenELITE blends some controversial ingredients like raspberry ketone and caffeine with known superfoods like acai and green tea, so it’s easy to see why well-informed consumers can buy it. But in my opinion this is not enough.

MeraTrim Platinum

Weight Loss Pills: MeraTrim Platinum

The MeraTrim Platinum promises to help users lose “up to 4.5 pounds of weight loss” in just two weeks.

The main ingredients of MeraTrim’s proprietary blend are Sphaeranthus Indicus Flower Extract, Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Rind Extract, L Carnitine, and Green Tea.

MeraTrim claims that Sphaeranthus Indicus extract can reduce lipids and possibly prevent them from forming. It is also thought that the flower extract can control blood sugar levels.

In a study published in Evidence-Based journal Complementary and Alternative Medicine , he claims that diabetic rats were given doses of Sphaeranthus Indicus root extract and showed a “lipid-lowering effect.”

The next ingredient in MeraTrim’s blend is Garcinia Mangostana .

Those in charge of MeraTrim believe it has anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

What happens when Sphaeranthus Indicus and garcinia mangostana are combined?

Well, a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food reports that in a clinical study of 100 participants with a high BMI, 50 had a blend of S. indicus and mangosteen herbs twice a day and lost weight, reduced weight. their index finger, and lost inches on the waist and hips.

Again, however, the study found that all participants ate less and worked out five times a week. Something we always know can reduce weight even on its own.

And what about L Carnitine ?

L carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body convert fat into energy. As the University of Maryland Medical Center cites, “Studies show that carnitine reduces fat mass, increases muscle mass and reduces fatigue, which may contribute to weight loss in some people.”

My Bottom Line: The main reason MeraTrim works is because users are limiting their calorie intake and gym consistently. There hasn’t been enough research to conclude that the MeraTrim blend uses is effective for weight loss on its own.

My conclusions

When it comes to weight loss, there are no shortcuts. You can’t go around eating junk food but eat healthy food and exercise regularly, never forgetting how important it is to switch from a detox diet .


Write it in the comments, I wait for you!

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