Dr. Makarovic’s three-day diet

Dr. Makarovic’s three-day diet

Dr. Maria Makarovic , nutritionist and author of books to lose weight, proposes an easy method to lose weight in her book “Losing weight without scales” of which today we will see the three days of diet.

The method allows you to lose weight thanks to the use of tables of photographs that teach you to evaluate the portion of food by eye. There are two diets in the book.

A 21-day diet to lose 3 pounds and a three-day low-calorie diet to lose one pound. In this article we will see precisely the second regimen, which obviously without images will have the recommended doses.

Three days of diet to lose a pound that have the advantage of having many alternatives.
This can allow you to extend the diet, if desired, for another 3 days and thus lose 2 kilos.

We can then reuse this diet whenever we have eaten too much and feel the need to drop some weight. If the diet convinces you, you can then buy the doctor’s book to do the 21-day diet, more moderate by clicking here: Losing weight without scales. Dr. Makarovic’s new visual diet .
There is also a helpful food index in the book that can help you keep weight off.
Now let’s see the three days of diet to lose a kilo. Remember that it can be repeated for a maximum of three more days.
In brackets you will find my suggestions.


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