We tackle menopause starting from prevention

We tackle menopause starting from prevention

The basic rule for dealing with menopause is ‘ prevention ‘. 

Prevention is a perfect choice at any juncture in life, and at any age, but it is essential especially when you are close to taking big strides and entering menopause .

To better face this new cycle of life, periodic visits to the gynecologist are necessary , as well as specific tests to assess the possible presence of cancers, and the level of bone density.

Symptoms and ailments

Of particular concern are the disorders that the arrival of menopause generates . The closure of a woman’s fertility cycle brings with it hormonal alterations , a prelude to a whole series of physical and psychological changes. With menopause , the body undergoes severe stress, especially in relation to the evident drop in estrogen and progesterone , hormones that control many body tissues such as the skin and influence vital processes related to the heart, nervous system, metabolism and bones.

Skin in menopause undergoes deterioration, but to limit its flow to a minimum it is good to feed yourself properly, hydrate yourself by drinking at least 1 and a half liters of water a day, use quality cosmetic products starting from a useful cream against the sagging of the face contour .

Among the symptoms that develop in the face of menopause we can list the accentuation of sweating, which can even suddenly occur, the appearance of hot flashes with sudden changes in body temperature, incontinence, sudden awakenings, dizziness, weight gain, skin changes that are more easily irritated and osteoporosis advances.

Alongside the accentuation of the physical problems , listed above, we also find a whole series of psyche disorders such as nervousness, depression, propensity to irritability, insomnia, states of stress.

From nature a healthy support

There is a completely natural way to deal with menopause by choosing phytoestrogen support. As shown by sector studies, the constant use of soy phytostrogens reduces hot flashes, as well as vaginal dryness. Used naturally, or taken in the form of supplements, soy and a whole series of plant extracts such as sage, clover, or escape bedbugs, play a beneficial role and improve the symptoms that are a consequence of menopause.

Guide to nutrition in menopause

The entry into menopause inevitably brings with it weight gain, which can be countered thanks to an adequate diet.

By following a few simple rules you can avoid the accumulation of unnecessary pounds. It is crucial to start from the protein intake by favoring the consumption of legumes, using meat, eggs and dairy products with criteria, limiting the use of sausages, eating fresh fish at least twice a week.

Carbohydrates must enter the diet but it is good to prefer complex ones such as pasta, rice and bread, preferably wholemeal . The intake of fiber is also important in the diet , while it is good to limit the intake of sugars.

To maintain the ideal weight it is good to reduce calories and pay attention to saturated fats, which we find for example in butter, meat as well as in sausages and cream.

A correct diet puts at the forefront the consumption of fruit and vegetables , possibly fresh and in season.

It is impossible to forget the intake of cheese and milk , preferably choosing lean ones, while it is good to pay attention to the condiments , choose healthy cooking , limit coffee and alcohol and drink plenty of water.

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