5 Style Tricks for a Perfect Silhouette

5 Style Tricks for a Perfect Silhouette

Is your fashion shopping list suspended waiting to lose a few extra pounds? Do you often go around the entire mall, fall in love with fabulous clothes but don’t buy them thinking “as soon as I lose 3 kilos this dress is mine”?

Discover our tricks to “disguise” the bacon and choose the most stylish clothes for you!

  1. Fantasy makes the difference

The patterns of the clothes we wear have an incredible impact on the final result. A good rule of thumb is to avoid horizontal patterns, which tend to “fatten” and highlight the excess bacon. Better to choose vertical and wide stripes, which create the illusion of a lighter silhouette.

For dresses with drawn patterns, we advise you to avoid too large designs and patterns and always opt for minute and richly detailed designs.

  1. Use colors to your advantage

Dark colors always have an edge when it comes to restoring a lighter silhouette. Lighter tones, on the other hand, tend to have the opposite effect, highlighting the extra pounds. 

Choose colors like navy blue, dark gray or black for a slimming effect and avoid bright colors like yellow, orange and pink, especially for pants and skirts.

  1. Choose Soft Fabrics for a Perfect Fit

Softer fabrics are ideal for masking extra pounds with ease. Thanks to their lightness, the fit is suitable for any type of body without being stringent. 

A dark sweater with a high-waisted skirt with soft fabric are the ideal combo for a slim silhouette.

Cotton, silk, cashmere and knit are the best fabrics for this simple but effective trick.

  1. Use a Waist Trainer under your clothes

A “must-have” for a slim silhouette. The waist trainer is a simple shaping bodice, which in addition to actually slimming the waistline, can also be used as an underwear when wearing tighter garments.

Comfortable to wear, a quality waist trainer allows you to wear tighter clothes without the anxiety of showing off the extra pounds.

  1. Use the Accessories

In addition to giving an edge to your look, accessories, if used artfully, have the advantage of directing attention and hiding. A large belt at the waist can cover the belly, a pair of earrings or a necklace can direct the gaze and attention to the face and neck.

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