Vaginal vapors, what are they

Vaginal vapors, what are they

Recently brought into vogue by famous actresses, vaginal vaping is a practice that is intriguing many women. This method of intimate hygiene and purification comes from distant traditions, let’s see what it consists of.


Vaginal vapors are an ancient practice in use by some populations of Central America, some sources even trace them back to the Maya , but also in the Far East , in the Korean tradition the steam baths, called chai-yok, are still very widespread. 

They are currently very much in vogue with Hollywood stars and known as V-Steam . But what exactly is it and – above all – what are they for?

Vaginal vapors, what it is

There are no scientific foundations about their effective effectiveness, we are drawing from the ancient tradition in use by some peoples, but the testimonies of those who use them are very positive, so we talk about them in a completely empirical key.

Vaginal steam baths consist in boiling the water in which official herbs are poured : the vapors released must come into contact with the private parts for at least half an hour.

The techniques for carrying out this form of fumigations are left to the inspiration and practicality of the moment: chairs with a central hole, under which to place the pot of boiling water, or the adaptation of the bathroom fixtures. The important thing is to prepare a “chamber that contains the steam” with a blanket or a large towel, which helps to concentrate the steam without dispersion . 

These practices are recommended in the evening , before bedtime, at least three times a week, before the start of the menstrual cycle .

Benefits of Vaginal Vapors

Why take a vaginal steam bath? Generally it is to meet the need to alleviate menstrual pain . What benefits do the scents of the officinal herbs used actually bring 

dilation of blood vessels with improved circulation;

oxygenation of the pelvic muscles;  

relaxation of the pelvic muscles and any contractions of the vaginal walls; 

> calming and soothing effect on skin and mucous membranes.

Steam baths for the vagina are also recommended after childbirth , for their regenerating action.

Herbs recommended for vaginal vapors

What are the best herbs for animating vaginal steam baths? 

 Calendula: marigold flowers  have anti-inflammatory, restorative, antimicrobial, emmenagogue , useful in case of amenorrhea , dysmenorrhea , inflammation. 

Basil : the leaves and flowering tops of basil  have tonic-adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, emollient, antibacterial properties , useful in case of stress, asthenia , low immune defenses, inflammation, contractions.

Yarrow : the flowering tops of the yarrow have anti-inflammatory, astringent, hemostatic, anti-hemorrhoidal properties , useful in case of menorrhagia , menstrual pain, hemorrhoids , varices, inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Rosemary : rosemary leaves  possess spasmolytic, diuretic, circulation stimulant, antioxidant properties , useful in case of circulatory disorders, hypotension , asthenia, cramps . 

Plantain : plantain leaves  have emollient, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and healing properties , useful in case of inflammation, infections, small lesions.

Artemisia : the flowering tops of mugwort  possess toning, emmenagogic, antimicrobial, vermifuge properties , useful in case of amenorrhea , dysmenorrhea, inflammation. 

Vaginal vapors and purification

Steam has always been a symbol of purification , specifically it represents a practice that brings purification to a sacred part of the female sphere, a place dedicated to creation, a land of fertility and renewal. 


The vapors with officinal balsamic herbs bring a message of regeneration, well-being, tissue re-oxygenation , nourish and tone the pelvic area.


Vaginal vapors: warnings

Pay attention to the steam temperature ! The mucous membranes are particularly delicate, to be treated with caution. It is therefore important to let the first hot emissions settle and use a lukewarm vaporization , in order to avoid easy burns. 


In any case it is always good to ask for the opinion of the gynecologist . 

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