Lose 10 kg with the hydrophilic diet

Lose 10 kg with the hydrophilic diet

There is a diet that exploits the power and volume of water to make you lose weight: it is the hydrophilic (or hydrophilic) diet, or a diet based on foods capable of attracting water , of absorbing large quantities.

The hydrophilic diet is the diet developed by Dr. Keren Gilbert, nutritionist, wellness coach and director of Decision Nutrition. This is her book on the hydrophilic diet: The HD diet .

The hydrophilic diet takes its name from a series of foods defined as hydrophilic because they are voluminous and / or absorbent and initially capable of incorporating liquids that cause an immediate sense of satiety.
From this point of view , the hydrophilic diet specializes in the consumption of certain foods , those with a high satiating power or with particular characteristics, but compared to other diets it does not prohibit categories of foods and is therefore not based on yes or no foods. *

Let’s see it in particular. It is a twelve-week dietary regimen that promises to lose weight an average of 10 kg , which favors the consumption of particularly satiating foods that reduce the absorption of fats and sugars, allowing you to lose weight on the one hand, and to eat less. on the other. Let’s see the menu.

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