Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Lotus

Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Lotus

Among the positions of the kamasutra the union of the lotus is one of the best known of all. It allows an enveloping contact between the partners.


Kamasutra Positions: The Union of the Lotus

The lotus union, also known as the lotus position, is probably the best known and most widespread kamasutra position. 

Quite simple to perform , this position allows you to stimulate the vagina and clitoris, and leaves lovers free to look at each other and use their hands to caress and pleasure each other.

In this position , the woman has more control , being able to choose how to move and at what pace, stimulating the vaginal walls and opening the possibility of vaginal orgasm.

How to do the Lotus Position

Sitting on the bed , the man spreads his legs and creates an oval by bringing the soles of the feet together and spreading the thighs. She mounts on him looking into his face, leaning her thighs on him and bringing her pelvis closer.

It is possible for her to keep her knees resting on the bed or to pass her legs around the man’s waist, while the two lovers can kiss and use their hands to stimulate each other.

She can also run her hands around his neck and let the man set the pace of penetration by moving his pelvis, or vice versa.

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