TV presenter criticizes the light donut: you will gain weight anyway

TV presenter criticizes the light donut: you will gain weight anyway

In recent years, there are many fast food chains or coffee shops that offer light menus, and we see the same thing in restaurants. But often it’s a marketing operation more than a real healthy option.


For example, a well-known sandwich shop under my house, which is part of a chain, offers the “line loaf”, with bresaola, stracchino and grilled vegetables. The stracchino however has 300 calories and the 100 grams of the loaf, that is a baguette, provide 281 calories. Even assuming they don’t put 100 grams of stracchino in the sandwich, this is a 600-calorie option considering the mix.
When a plate of 100 grams of pasta with a basil tomato sauce made with a teaspoon of oil and two teaspoons of grated parmesan gives about 480 calories.


A criticism similar to this one made in England by a TV presenter, commenting on the news of a light donut developed by a chain of British bakeries, the Greggs. Which offers croissants and pastries for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, fried chicken and club sandwiches.

Greggs has announced the release of a light donut which is basically a mini donut glazed with jam with a big hole in the center… and no jam.

By removing a substantial part of the dough and the jam, the light option of about 200 calories is served to customers against the 250 of the normal donut.

However , TV presenter Piers Morgan of Good Morning Britai n does not agree with the operation of the light donut, which according to a representative of the chain, was made to meet the obesity emergency.

In the show Morgan says: “it’s still a donut, only with a hole in the center.”

“But if you eat donuts you will gain weight anyway, just as if you eat a vegan hamburger you will gain weight anyway (…) and thus you will be one step away from death”.

The reference to vegan “fast food” comes from another Morgan reaction to another Greggs product: a vegan sausage in a vegan puff crust which, on balance, has more calories than a regular hamburger.

Morgan explains that in addition to calories, these products often have additives, salt and fat that make it difficult for people to limit themselves. This thing is absolutely true. As I wrote in this article, the palatability index is a strategy used by companies and restaurateurs to encourage customers to eat more.

The journalist’s displaced reaction sparked the ire of the Greggs chain and the embarrassment of the other co-presenters.

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