How to get thin and happy with Dr. Thompson

How to get thin and happy with Dr. Thompson

I had already talked about neuroscientist Susan Pierce Thompson in the article “ How to stop binging? “, But today the doctor is back with a diet designed to” become thin and happy “by removing the nervous hunger forever.
A former overweight, Thompson has been developing this diet since 2003, which has allowed her to lose weight and never regain the weight she once was. If you’ve seen the photo in the article, that’s her, before and after this diet.

His diet is called “Bright Line Diet” and we could translate it into Italian with “the diet for a dazzling figure”. In the subtitle it is written: how to become thin, happy and free.

What is it about? It is a diet that allows you to eliminate forever the problem of nervous hunger and food addiction, and thus lose weight more effectively than with any other diet, because you will not regain
weight. In fact, Dr. Thompson explains, 99% of people who go on a diet regain the weight they lost within a year of stopping the diet. But with her diet, Thompson promises her own results: getting thin and staying thin forever.
Let’s see it together.


The Bright Line diet is based on 4 “signposts”, which are four things to be careful about. The added sugars, the flours, the number of meals and the quantity.

Modern foods, he explains, create a long-term lack of dopamine in the brain.

This is because sweets and pizza or cookies ignite the pleasure centers in the brain, forcing the body to defend itself by lowering dopamine soon after. This physiological decline makes us feel dull and hungry, so we go back to eating sweets, chips, pizza and snacks. The result is that you get fat because we no longer know how to say enough: this not knowing how to say enough is the basis of the addiction to food that makes it difficult for us to diet and maintain results.

Even flours, by raising insulin, push us to overeat. Thompson recommends oatmeal, potato, or brown rice instead, but only at certain times of the day.

Finally, let’s see the quantities and the number of meals: it is better to have three meals a day, avoiding snacks. Between snacks and appetizers alone, people consume 500 or more calories per day. Consider that 30 grams of chips alone provide 150 calories, and certainly not satiating.

Finally, the quantities: the doctor recommends weighing everything on a food scale. This will save you from taking in too many calories by weighing foods by eye.
Let’s now see the menu on page two. 

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