The diet to lose 4 kg in a month: biorhythm diet

The diet to lose 4 kg in a month: biorhythm diet

The biorhythm diet is a diet to lose 4 kg in a month in total safety, improving parameters such as blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and high blood pressure. Developed by German doctor Monika Flasnoecker , who has focused in her books on stress as the cause of disease, her biorhythm diet is a simple approach to improving your quality of life while losing weight.


  • General rules

  • In this diet there are only 3 main meals, which must therefore be abundant, but snacking is prohibited. If you are really hungry, munching on a few cucumbers in the afternoon is allowed.
  • Training advice should be followed for half an hour a day twice a day and you should always go to sleep at the same time, in a dark and not too hot environment.
  • You don’t count calories, but you eat according to your sense of hunger.
  • Vegetable side dishes must be abundant.
  • In maintenance, a margherita or marinara pizza is allowed as long as it is for lunch per week, and 15 grams more of pasta or rice for lunch or 20 grams more of bread / gnocchi. The rest is unchanged. Once a week you can replace breakfast with a vegan croissant, empty or with jam + 200 ml of soy milk.
    Let’s see the menu.
  • Breakfast.

  • Breakfast in the morning essentially consists of carbohydrates, which can be balanced with low fat and protein sources.
    For carbohydrates you can choose 3 rusks with 3 teaspoons of jam or 4 tablespoons of breakfast cereals or muesli (40 grams) without added sugar or 2 slices of wholemeal bread (max 50 grams) with two teaspoons of jam. In addition 150 grams of fruit such as apple, pear, peach or a small 100 gram banana or 200 ml of orange juice + 125 grams of low-fat white yogurt or 200 ml of soy milk.
  • Training.

  • The training can be followed in two ways.
  • For those with a lot of kilos to lose.
    Before breakfast, drinking only acidulated water and eating the fruit, and then having the rest of the breakfast afterwards.
  • As a rule: between breakfast and lunch.
  • Among the options we have:
    30 minutes of high-speed walking or treadmill.
    20 minutes of high-speed exercise bike.
    10 floors of stairs going up 3 times.
    20 minutes of light jogging.

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