We had the opportunity to try the Tstand 2, a truly revolutionary and versatile gadget, here is our product review.

While the issue may go unnoticed at times, we often don’t realize how much we could increase the convenience of our sessions with various mobile devices simply by holding them in our hands, and moving them around as we please. Obviously, this is an impossible practice to implement, as it is inconvenient, not to mention the need to move any screen while you are working on content on it. However, a gadget that has evolved to meet the needs of the public comes to our aid , namely the Tstand 2 , which we want to tell you about in this review.

A friend to help

Let’s start this review by making the Tstand 2 concept simple for you;  we can summarize it all by telling you that these are two real additional arms , ready to hold any screen you need to look at. Whether it’s working on a drawing, writing a text, watching a movie or, why not, playing with the Nintendo Switch , it is almost impossible to find a perfect position that allows you to position the portable device in the best possible way, especially for those who want to enjoy a quiet relaxing session comfortably lying on the bed.

Tstand 2

Whether you place it on a table, on a flat surface, or even on your chest, the Tstand 2 allows you to insert any screen in the appropriate compartment, and to adjust and hold it firmly thanks to the special springs, which will prevent electronic objects detach and fall, eventually becoming damaged. The project recently landed on Kickstarter  is enjoying great success, as at a rather low price (we are talking about 60 or 70 dollars) it is in fact possible to pre-order the article to receive it within this year, and greatly improve your sections with a really fast setup, as well as with convenience and versatility.

The product is truly ergonomic, as well as light and resistant at the same time, thanks to the soft rubber used in the construction phase. We specify that this is also perfect for its “anti-slip” function, which can provide additional stability to your workstations . The springs are really resistant, and even if you want it is difficult to be able to drop any object without lifting them, a further sign of the safety guaranteed during any session, during which you will not have to worry about the possible damage of devices – potentially – very expensive due to of falls and scratches. By improving this aspect, the product is also meant for full portability, whether it is to move it to various places in the house or to put it in a backpack and use it everywhere. Wanting to find a defect, we must specify that the height is only partially adjustable , but this is obviously a “necessary evil” for an article so intuitive to use and adaptable to every need.

For every device and user

As already mentioned at the beginning, the available springs can be adapted to almost any tablet , phone, Kindle, Nintendo Switch, and so on and so forth, as long as you are not talking about screens less than 7 inches and these do not exceed the size. of 12.9 in. It is possible to use the stand for the most disparate uses, for example improving fast workstations for meetings or lifting a device that you want to pay attention to while cooking, adjusting everything with very few limitations. The Tstand 2 is in fact ready to project itself in a vertical or oblique position , and its base can be folded up to 310 °, to allow you to completely turn the base and insert it into new unusual spaces.

Tstand 2

The versatility of the product also lies in the possibility of being able to adjust it without having to remove your screen from the special springs, as the base can be arranged and overturned at will without any risk. The final icing on the cake lies in the special support for the cables , which can be easily twisted and tidied during use. It goes without saying that for uses it may be necessary to use headphones, or perhaps to charge a device that is discharging, and this is where this function gives its best, avoiding that you end up dragging your station and that the cables tangle creating unwanted annoyances.

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