Here is our review of the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed, a compact and fast keyboard ready to innovate the market with its features.

The well-known company Razer does not tend to stop, as it is continuously ready to innovate the market with innovations capable of revolutionizing the lives of players, meeting with each of its new products more and more needs of the public. As always, these are the products that aim at the high-end of the market , avoiding compromises – obviously, even at the expense of the price – and this time the keyboard we want to analyze is no exception, presenting itself as a forerunner towards a new way of seeing the compact. , ready not to give up the most important features and to be as small as possible. So let’s find out all the details of the brand new Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed in this review.

Cutting-edge aesthetics and quality

Starting with unboxing, we are dealing as usual with truly excellent premium packaging , which covers the heart with care. Everything comes with green borders, as is now the company’s tradition, and particularly colorful designs on the front and back. Everything is perfectly fitted to avoid movement and possible breakages during transport, and immediately transmits the intrinsic quality of the product. As this is a wireless device, the cable is supplied separately. This connects with USB Type-C, and has plugs on the ends to cover the connections.

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed (at this link instead our review of the BlackWidow V3 Pro version ) has an excellent look, rather elegant as well as not bulky. Unlike classic wireless products, the stroke of the keys is by no means reduced, and these are really high, which thanks to the bright RGB allows excellent light effects. It is in fact easy to see under the individual keys, as well as detach them to clean everything more easily. The light coming out of the LEDs is also guaranteed by the connection of the transparent keys, which easily illuminates the game environments by setting the intensity to maximum .

On the back we find a truly exceptional screen-printed writing, as well as all the small details to ensure comfortable use, as, and we want to emphasize this in this review, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed makes versatility one of its strengths . As for the front levers, we find, as with many other Razer products, a double possibility, both for 6 and 9 degrees , and four rubber pads to ensure stability. While if this is raised, the pressure is applied to 2, in “ flat ” mode“Everyone is exploited, which further diminishes the possibility of movement. Being a mini version, the palm rest is absent, but the fact remains that during use the edge remains quite comfortable, not causing discomfort, especially if a soft rubber mat is used for the occasion.

The keyboard offers the user a 65% size of the standard size . Obviously, the numeric keypad on the right, and any other functions, are removed from the diagram, but this does not mean that the product does not allow the user to remedy. Different combinations, quite easy and intuitive to learn, manage to make up for the lack, bringing all the functions into a small space and allowing the user to juggle in any case with ease to get the desired result. In any case, the directional arrows have been wedged close to the Shift (right) and Enter keys, without any space being sacrificed.

Solid, compact and versatile

As a proverb, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed is small and snappy, as the company has made a particular effort to minimize the latency of the product, ending up being even usable in the Esport field thanks to its Razer Hyperspeed Wireless technology . This has been certified by the TUV USD company as it can make products up to 25% faster than the competition.

The product can in fact be used in 3 different modes: wired, with the included USB C cable mentioned above, through bluetooth technology, or with the special key for wireless connection at 2.4 Ghz. This also allows coupling with a mouse, in order to save a USB port on your PC. Using its own battery, the keyboard is designed to last up to 200 hours in the case of minimum brightness, thus allowing users a continuous use by giving up RGB, or a trendy aesthetic side for those who also want to take advantage of this feature of the article. Razer, now iconic for all products related to gaming.

Speaking of the keys, after all the main protagonists of the product, these have been joined to the green switch patented by Razer , at least for the model we have had the opportunity to try. There is also a variant that uses the yellow switches instead, which are less noisy and more linear. The noise emitted is by no means low, which can be harmful for certain areas, but it is an excellent tradition for gaming products, as the audible feedback can easily pass the barrier of the headphones and reach the player after each beat . The feedback to the pressure is exceptional and greatly improves the gaming sessions compared to the classic membrane solutions, although it may be necessary to get used to the noise for those less accustomed to such products.

The buttons are made with two layers of plastic, a further point in favor for the resistance: while the external one has the inscriptions dedicated to each key, the internal one is transparent and lets the light of the RGB pass through, a technique that avoids the fading of the letters and various buttons over time. The package cannot miss a guaranteed more than satisfactory resistance, in fact we are talking about about 80 million strokes , while the entire aluminum body returns excellent feedback and ensures that the connections are not damaged. Thanks to the excellent Razer Synapse 3 software, not essential but highly recommended, you can program and adapt the keyboard to your needs, greatly improving comfort during hours of use. The latter is presented as usual in excellent shape, with an intuitive interface that will certainly not leave lovers of Razer products amazed, resulting in any case easily understandable for those who have never had the opportunity to interface with the company’s articles. .

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