As confirmed by Microsoft, support for Internet Explorer will end in June 2022, as the focus will remain on Edge.

As officially confirmed by Microsoft , the well-known  Internet Explorer browser will no longer be supported starting June 15, 2022 , as Microsoft Edge will officially take its place.

We are talking specifically about one of the cornerstones of the internet world, which since its release in 1995 has managed to compete with all other browsers.

However, Microsoft has been using its resources for several years to better take care of Microsoft Edge, which has now managed – unofficially – to replace Internet Explorer, a choice that has therefore led the Redmond house to end support. The reasons also specifically concern the better compatibility of the new browser , together with more advanced security for users .

As confirmed, Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications will be retired and support will end on June 15 next year for some versions of Windows 10 . Windows 10’s long-term support channels will still include the browser , as opposed to the consumer versions.

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Even if this is actually a historical loss for the web, by now all the main features of the old browser have been integrated in the best way in Edge, which has therefore replaced it almost completely. However, the version of Internet Explorer included with Edge several years ago allows support for legacy sites, which are still relatively in use, and it is official that Microsoft will continue to support this feature until at least 2029 .

Last year Microsoft had already stopped supporting Internet Explorer 11 for the Teams app, and it was already decided that from 17 August this would also end for services like Office 365, OneDrive and Outlook .

We obviously hope that this shift in resources will allow Microsoft to add new features to Edge, and to improve the browser that is now able to satisfy more and more users, thanks to a more than moderate use of performance and support for apps and extensions.

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