Training and diet on vacation, how to behave

Training and diet on vacation, how to behave

They recently interviewed me on the blog of the Rolling Pandas website , which specializes in travel, to understand how to manage training and diet on vacation.

You can read my tips in this article.

But for those who need more specific advice or a basic food plan to customize, here’s how to manage training and diet on vacation and be able to eat everything without gaining weight or even losing weight.


If after reading the interview you need some more nutritional advice, but free from patterns, here are the 8 tips for losing weight or maintaining weight while traveling. If, on the other hand, you simply panic at the idea of ​​wanting to taste local foods but at the same time you don’t want to spoil your figure or even want to lose weight on vacation, there are two flexible diet plans that I recommend.


  • The first is an intermittent vacation fasting which I have experienced several times with success.
    Not only does it work, but it allows you to have the right energy to relax and have fun and it is extremely simple.
    It consists of the 12-hour fasting phase during the day, followed by those at night.
  • Breakfast is served from seven in the morning to ten (by ten) and from there there are 12 hours of fasting.
    For example, if I finish eating at nine in the morning, I will have dinner at 9 pm precisely. If I take it easy and have breakfast by ten, I have dinner from 22. To use this scheme it is obviously necessary to know the habits of the place, as well as ours: by what time restaurants close for example.
  • If 12 hours seems too long, let’s just do it for 2 days and then choose a 10 hour fast for the rest of the vacation . This way we are free to eat our fill for breakfast and dinner and the daily activities will do the rest. I recommend: breakfast must be abundant. During the day we can consume tea or herbal teas without sugar, zero-calorie drinks, water with lemon slices, or at least a couple of cucumbers or raw celery.
  • Dinner allows us to eat at the restaurant without anxiety, and we can also have a small snack at midnight.
  • Ideal for those who want to lose one or two kilos without sacrifices.


I experimented this plan for the first time in New York, to be able to eat different things without putting on weight. It worked.

  • It consists of condensing carbohydrates into a single meal a day.
  • This meal, however, must be breakfast or dinner (not lunch) and we can choose it both depending on what the destination offers us and depending on the time of day when we need more energy.
  • In that meal, it is best to reduce the amount of fat.
  • For example: breakfast with bread, cereal, toast, skim yogurt, skim milk, an egg, fruit, jam, juice, lean meats.
    Lunch and dinner with protein dishes, vegetables, but no ice cream, no bread, potatoes, pasta, rice or fruit. We can use sauces, a little more butter or oil, indulge in cheeses. Granted little wine. I find this best solution for men or for those who are not fond of sweets.
  • The second example is protein breakfast and lunch : eggs, cheeses, meats, Greek yogurt, sugar-free coffee for breakfast, and then meat or fish for lunch with vegetables. Granted little wine. Dinner with rice, potatoes, timbales, or desserts, fruit ice cream, etc. plus protein dishes but a little leaner, such as grilled fish, prawns, roast meat.
    This cycling is ideal for those who want to stay in weight.
    Add these tips on how to lose weight on the go and you can really eat everything.

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