Too many pounds in pregnancy? It is the fault of this deficiency

Too many pounds in pregnancy? It is the fault of this deficiency

Too many pounds in pregnancy? Excess weight during pregnancy is not a good thing for either the mother or the future baby. And worse, there are a lot of women who complain of not being able to lose weight after pregnancy. In fact, if you do not respect the natural weight gain due to pregnancy but accumulate more weight than you should, even if with breastfeeding the metabolism increases, the result is that it is very difficult to shed those excess pounds. So much so that women who are already overweight before pregnancy can be put on a diet to discourage weight gain.

But why are there women who gain too many pounds during pregnancy and others who return to their ideal weight?
A study from the University of Warwick Medical School has finally found an explanation. There is a lack of a vitamin that causes pregnant women to accumulate more body fat.


According to the study, it appears that a lack of vitamin B12 during pregnancy alters a woman’s metabolism, causing her to accumulate much more body fat. One thing that unites 25% of pregnant women around the world.

Vitamin B12, found in fish, meat, eggs, dairy products and cheeses is in fact responsible for a number of metabolic mechanisms that lead to a change in body fat. The fats taken from the diet are more easily stored in reserve fat, that is, in extra pounds. This is because with B12 deficiency, fats are not used for energy purposes. Researchers analyzed all metabolic parameters of pregnant women with this deficiency, and found worsening with weight gain that is mostly just fat. So there would be a cause and effect link between a lack of vitamin B12 and gaining too many pounds during pregnancy.

But how much weight should a pregnant woman gain, how many calories to add and which foods to choose?
I’ll explain it to you here .
And in this article I’ll explain how many calories are burned in the breastfeeding phase.

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