How to lose belly weight?

How to lose belly weight?

How to lose belly weight? In this article we address the problem of localized weight loss on the belly, to respond to those of you who write to me asking me if it is possible to lose weight with a diet.

The general answer is no. Localized weight loss is almost never possible with nutrition alone, that is, there are no diets that can make us lose only the belly or only the thighs or hips. It is also not possible to lose fat exclusively with diet or training alone. Every time we go on a diet, our body loses some of its lean mass and some of its fat.

Pay attention to it: many people go on a diet and lose a lot of weight around the belly, but many others seem to lose weight in their legs and arms, they have a hollow face but compared to how much weight they have lost it seems that the belly does not really want to abandon them. So the weight loss is there, but the belly remains there: it will be much less evident, but it is there.
How the hell is that possible?

The faster we lose weight, the more lean mass we lose. And this is one of the reasons why fast diets should only be done if we have really exaggerated at the table, but not as a long-term “method” of slimming or to lose body fat. Lean mass is related to our metabolism. So if I want to lose weight, it is very likely that there is more localized fat than elsewhere. But if I slow down my metabolism, the pounds go away, the scale drops, but the belly fat remains to some extent.
What now seems a contradiction to you, you will understand better when we analyze the 3 types of abdominal fat and the biochemical nature of abdominal fat cells.

A combined strategy works to lose belly weight, where I go to act on these three types of fat.
So you don’t have to despair, just read and understand the key concepts and then apply them on yourself and you will surely see the results. I said: definitely.
At the same time we will see what does not work to lose weight. And if anything, it worsens the situation.


As I said, there are three types of fat on the abdomen.

  • You all know visceral fat: this fat covers our organs, for example the liver and pancreas, and for this reason those who have a lot of visceral fat are more at risk of health. This fat is scientifically referred to as VAT (visceral adipose tissue).
  • Subcutaneous fat (usually called SAT) is in turn divided into two types of fat .
    These two types are classified scientifically in different ways: they have different densities, can be organic or inorganic, and vary from man to woman and according to age. They also accumulate in different parts of the belly. To distinguish them we will call them: deep subcutaneous fat (DSAT) and superficial subcutaneous fat (SSAT).
  • Of these two types of fat, deep subcutaneous fat is less dangerous than visceral fat but still correlates with the risk of disease. The superficial one, generally located in the lower part of the abdomen, is an aesthetically unattractive but practically harmless fat, more present in women than in men.
    According to scientists, visceral and deep subcutaneous fat can be reduced with diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Compared to the superficial subcutaneous one, these types of fat are not inert. That is, they have a specific function from an immune and metabolic point of view. It is as if they are an organ of the body, like the heart. They have functions. The superficial subcutaneous one, on the other hand, is more inert, and has a more protective role than anything else. It is that fat that the body does not easily eradicate especially in women.
    Let’s say stocks for tough times.
  • Now maybe it will be clear to you why the whole body loses weight when dieting, but if we have belly fat problems, we can lose belly fat due to deep and visceral fat, but what is considered harmless does not go away with the diet alone.

To all this picture, we add a small consideration. Often, bloating and an inflammatory bowel problem not only affect physical appearance, but can promote the formation of “emergency” fat. A low metabolism also affects this emergency subcutaneous fat.

Many flat stomach diets work in this sense: that is, by reducing swelling and inflammation. However, this does not completely solve the problem. Now that you know all about belly fat, let’s see how to lose belly weight. 

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