The water to purify the liver of Dr. Farnetti

The water to purify the liver of Dr. Farnetti

Today I am posting a recipe for a functional water for liver purification, proposed by Dr. Sara Farnetti . Doctor Farnetti, internist and nutritionist, has made functional nutrition her winning method to be in shape without a diet.

It is a detox water , or water enriched with the infusion of certain foods that becomes rich in minerals and antioxidants and thus carries out a purifying action. Here is Dr. Farnetti’s recipe.


In a glass jug, we put one and a half liters of water.
Add a tablespoon of grated ginger root, the zest of a lemon or an organic orange, 5-6 mint leaves pricked with a toothpick, a cinnamon stick divided in two.
We leave the jug to infuse with the ingredients for about 5-8 hours before drinking it in small sips throughout the day.

How and why it works

Lemon and ginger have anti-inflammatory effects, mint has a digestive function, cinnamon hypoglycemic.

The ingredients thus work in synergy to help the liver in the assimilation of nutrients and in the purification of the fats and sugars that we will supply from food.

Insights on Dr. Farnetti and her functional nutrition.

  1. Dr. Farnetti’s 3-week diet
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  3. Sara Farnetti’s functional diet. 

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