The solar diet for weight loss and a long life

The solar diet for weight loss and a long life

The precise name of this diet is Solar Nutrition , or Solar Nutrition , but be careful.
Calories are not counted, food quantities are not measured.
Yet those who have followed her for years, and there are those who have followed her for decades, swear they are always fit and look much younger than their age.
Now that I have intrigued you, I hope, I’ll tell you what it is.

The solar diet is a holistic approach that recommends eating certain foods according to certain times of the day, that is, in line with the course of the sun.
Conceived in 1972 by Adano Ley, Swami Nityananda Saraswati originally from South America, acupuncturist, naturopath, yoga teacher and one of the most renowned meditation experts in the world, the solar diet is a real philosophy of life, and not just food.


At the basis of this approach, validated over the years by some scientific research such as this one, is the idea that human health must be seen in conjunction with nature and the rising and setting of the sun.
In fact, in some hours our body produces some hormones, in other hours those hormones will be lower and others will rise.

In some hours of the day our organs are more enhanced in their productivity, for example in the morning it is easier to digest certain foods, in the late evening it is easier to meditate and rest, there are hours more suitable for purification and so on.
If we eat one food in association with another food but this combination is wrong, we will not digest that food easily . If we eat it alone, yes.

An example are citrus fruits, to be eaten alone at eleven in the morning, avocado, which should always be eaten alone, and melons, which should be eaten alone as a snack.
In addition, at certain times of the day, the body according to Adano needs some nutrients more than others.

The teacher explains that our body must be seen in line with nature, and not detached from it.
And in line with the rising and setting of the sun, because solar energy is essential to life.
On the basis of these concepts, which I have simplified to you only for the sake of brevity, the solar diet is outlined, of which I have read many testimonies. People who follow this diet do not gain weight, live better, solve many ailments.

However, the solar diet is not restrictive.
It includes meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, natural cheeses (i.e. with rennet and milk, but without other additives), soy proteins, vegetables, fruit and seeds, honey and malt, cereals and natural leavened products, oils and clarified butter.

It can be done in an omnivorous, vegetarian and vegan way.
Its secret lies not in how much you eat, but in when you eat.
On page two I offer you a practical example of a solar diet and some ideas for trying it.

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