When to eat carbohydrates for weight loss

When to eat carbohydrates for weight loss

Carbohydrates: the basis of our diet, made up of cheap and “democratic” foods that more or less we all love . Pay attention to it: think of family lunches and dinners, your favorite dishes, the things you eat when you feel tired or frustrated by a thousand situations, moments of celebration and moments of socializing. On how many of these occasions do we eat carbohydrates? In many. The body asks for carbohydrates as its primary source of energy to obtain glucose. Of course it can get glucose in other ways too, from fats and proteins, but why make something simple complicated?

Yet, and yet, there are those who eat far too many carbohydrates . There are those who could not generally eat the carbohydrates that he would like, because they are sedentary. Finally, those who have a dangerous hunger for carbohydrates, often due to a low insulin sensitivity, and beyond all this, the industry has put a hand in enriching many foods with hidden carbohydrates, especially sugars. With the consequence that “sweet taste” has significantly taken hold in our lives, much more so than our grandparents, who saw a sweet only in special holidays. And certainly much more than our ancestors.

Living without carbohydrates? Although ketogenic diets are all the rage today, going for months or years without carbohydrates can also lead to severe health consequences.
On page two, I’ll explain when to eat carbohydrates to lose weight or stay perfectly fit.
With so many tricks to not miss the carbohydrates we love when we want them (more or less).
Let’s start with a simple rule: when to eat carbohydrates?

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