The Rosedale diet: the fat diet for weight loss

The Rosedale diet: the fat diet for weight loss

The Rosedale Diet, developed by Dr. Ron Rosedale , a metabolism expert and founder of the Carolina Center of Metabolic Medicine , is a very simple diet to follow.

It only has two phases, calories are not counted, and has few clear rules, plus a list of allowed foods.

The Rosedale diet is one of the most famous fat diets.
It is based only on good fats and low glycemic index foods, and has hundreds of success stories. Weight loss is 2 kg on average: you lose something more in the first phase.
Dr. Rosedale believes that through good fats we reduce resistance to leptin, which makes us eat more, and to insulin, which causes type 2 diabetes.
The second phase is also the maintenance phase.
Let’s see it in detail.


  1. Eat when you are hungry, even every three hours.
  2. Do not eat too many meals, preferring small meals.
  3. Drink plenty of sugar-free water or herbal tea throughout the day.
  4. Don’t overdo the protein. Limit yourself to 100 grams of protein per meal including meat or fish, cured meats, or tofu / vegan options or egg whites for lunch and dinner or alternatively a maximum of 50 grams of cheese or two eggs. Weight trainers can add an extra 20 grams to lunch and dinner.
  5. Get 10 minutes of exercise or 20 minutes of brisk walking after dinner.
  6. You can use stevia, erythritol or xylitol in moderation, no other sweeteners.
  7. Chew slowly.
  8. Dinner within three hours before going to bed.

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