Low fats reduce the risk of breast cancer death

Low fats reduce the risk of breast cancer death

A low-fat diet would reduce the risk of breast cancer death in women and raise their chances of survival. This is what one of the largest studies on the diet related to breast cancer, which involved over 49 thousand ill menopausal women, following them for over twenty years.

In fact, women who ate a much lower fat diet and ate more fruits and vegetables were 21% more likely to survive cancer if this diet was followed for at least eight years.

Experts were actually looking for a diet that reduced the risk of breast cancer, not its death rate.

However, analyzing the data of patients who already had cancer, they realized that after twenty years most of the survivors had a diet with very little fat.


The study, presented at the new meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, pointed out that a low-fat diet means a diet whose maximum 20 percent of daily calories come from fat.
To be clear, the traditional Mediterranean diet reaches 35% of daily fats.

The benefits of a low-fat diet are also evident for reducing the risk of other diseases, the researchers said.

But was eating more fruits and vegetables to blame for these benefits, or was the reduction in dietary fat really?

According to the researchers, the increase in fruits and vegetables was just a consequence of women being told to cut down on fatty foods. Not just fried and red meats. But also the elimination of a series of foods that contain both carbohydrates and fats, such as snacks, bread sticks, French fries.

As a result, those on a low-fat diet also end up eating more natural foods.
I talked about it in this article: a low-fat diet reduces the risk of disease.


Examples of a low-fat diet are the famous Dash diet , considered one of the healthiest in the world. The Mc Dougall diet, a diet high in carbohydrates from whole sources. While one of the most famous low-fat diets was Dr. Kempner’s rice diet , based on rice or pasta and fruit but very low in fat designed to make those suffering from metabolic syndrome lose weight quickly.

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