Dry eye, natural remedies

Dry eye, natural remedies

Dry eye is a very common problem and there is a real syndrome that bears this name. Let’s find out what are the natural remedies to relieve and cure it.

Dry eye, natural remedies

Dry eyes are not only an occasional problem but there is a real dry eye syndrome which is characterized by specific symptoms such as malaise and difficulty in moving the eyelids , burning and redness inside the eye, sensitivity to light and problems with view.

When the problem of dry eye arises

This problem most often arises in places where there is dust and dirt in the air that gets inside the eye . Dusty environments are obviously to be avoided for those who have the problem of dry eyes but also places where a strong wind blows that always hits the face and therefore also the eye area is to be avoided precisely because it worsens the situation. 

Even the rooms of our homes or offices can give problems to the eyes because they are too heated and not very humidified.

Environmental factors are very important in this dry eye syndrome and very often avoiding dusty, windy or not properly humidified places is a great tip for avoiding dry eye syndrome.

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Lubrication and tears

The eye naturally needs to lubricate itself and it does so through the tears that fall on the bulb with the aim of cleaning and moistening the eye from the inside.

Tears have a specific formulation between water, lipids and proteins that is used to keep the eye well lubricated but sometimes the tears do not have the right percentage of substances and when water is excessively present it tends to evaporate quickly with a consequent incomplete tearing that does not entirely moisten the eye.

Often this is the cause of dry eye syndrome and to help the right composition of the tears we can act both on our diet and with the help of some natural remedy.

Natural remedies for dry eyes: chamomile

Chamomile is a plant that produces flowers with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties . The simple sachets we use to prepare the chamomile herbal tea will become excellent to apply on the eyelids of the eyes and keep in contact for about 20 minutes.

In addition, washing with chamomile helps to soothe inflammation of the eye, lubricate and burn internally. Use the herbal tea when it is warm so that the eye does not suffer from high temperatures and wet a handkerchief or cotton in order to dab the eye or leave it as a compress.

Chamomile can also be found in natural herbal eye drops that help lubricate the eyes. In addition to chamomile also the flowers of flax, euphrasia, mallow and witch hazel. For these types of eye drops we have disposable and multidose versions that you can choose according to your needs.

The eye drops help compensate for natural tearing of the eye when it’s not appropriate and so carrying an eye drop made from these anti-inflammatory, soothing and lubricating plants is really great advice.

The cucumber wrap

The famous cucumber slices on the eyes that we see for natural beauty masks are really effective because cucumber has moisturizing, calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

It will be sufficient to cut the cucumber and apply the two slices on the eyelids, leaving them in contact until we feel that the temperature is still cool. This treatment can be done twice a day usually in the morning and in the evening.

Proper nutrition for dry eye

Nutrition is important in dry eye syndrome in fact it requires an integration of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6. These substances can be found in oil seeds both in their natural state and as vegetable oils.

First of all, flaxseed oil which has the ability to slow down the evaporation of the tear film, thus helping to keep the eye more moist and also strengthening the cell membranes. Adding a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to our diet will suffice to have these eye benefits.

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