Hallux valgus: non-intervention and homeopathic remedies

Hallux valgus: non-intervention and homeopathic remedies

Hallux valgus: non-intervention and homeopathic remedies

Hallux valgus , commonly called onion, is one of the most common problems among people of a certain age.

Certainly annoying, painful, unsightly problem.

But what is hallux valgus and can it be treated without surgery?

Yes of course.

If caught early, hallux valgus can be corrected and both the discomfort and tension of this foot big toe defect can be relieved.

What is hallux valgus

Hallux valgus is a problem linked to the big toe of the foot, which in the external lateral part undergoes a painful deformation, with the outward movement of the bone (the so-called onion, in fact).

The problem usually begins to become evident around the age of 30. It is not known how it arrives, there is probably a genetic propensity but we are sure that wearing uncomfortable and tight shoes are harmful and preparatory to the escape of the bone.

It is also proven that there is a worsening of the situation when there is a significant weight gain in a short time, this makes the foot flatter and the bones deform and flatten towards the ground.

But let’s go back to the symptoms of hallux valgus.

Swelling, redness, pain, the appearance of calluses.

A pain in the ass.

But how can we go about solving the problem before we get to surgery?

Remedies without interventions and homeopathic

The first remedy, quite known and very interesting from the point of view of the results, is Valgomed  which is a brace that is able to correct the hallux valgus before getting to the operation. The brace is made of silicone, can be used for a long time and can also be used with shoes.
We recommend shoes with wide toe so as not to create even more obvious problems.

But there are quite a few natural, homeopathic remedies that we will now list:

  • Lavender oil. Lavender oil is famous for being able to reduce pain and inflammation in the area. Just mix dried lavender flowers with the olive oil, heating for a long time, over low heat, in a bain-marie. Applying it every evening is very soothing.
  • Epsom salt. You can buy it in herbal medicine and just put two tablespoons of salt in warm water for a foot bath of 20 minutes.
  • The laurel. There are two ways: the first is to drink a bay leaf tea during the day which relieves inflammation from the inside. The other is to mix bay leaves with 96 percent alcohol and leave them to steep. The maceration can then be used for a very very healing soothing massage.


Hallux valgus is a very big problem for many people, a problem that occurs after 30 years of age. How can you try to fix things without getting surgery? It can be done with well-made silicone braces such as Valgomed or by using homeopathic oils and infusions to soothe pain and inflammation. Just do not neglect yourself, as in all things concerning our body, and try to find the right remedies for what is the stage of inflammation or deformation.

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