The potato trick to lose weight in 4 days

The potato trick to lose weight in 4 days

Dcomedieta reports this news just for the sake of the news, despite hundreds of people saying they are enthusiastic about this method to lose weight in 4 days on average, defeat intestinal problems and nervous hunger.

I’m talking about the potato trick, a diet that according to its author, Tim Steele, can be repeated even two or three times a month without any health problems.

The potato trick is so simple that Steele himself, author of a book called “The Potato Hack” (my translation, The Potato Hack ) says that you don’t even need to buy his text to make it. .

The text collects a whole series of scientific studies and researches that originate from 1849 and continue to the present day. Basically, the potato trick is for losing weight in 4 days on average, reducing nervous hunger, reducing digestive problems and fighting food addiction. Many people who suffer from nervous hunger say that they are cured thanks to this trick. Some people have lost 6 to 7 pounds of weight thanks to the potato trick.
Now finally I’ll explain what it is.


Basically, the potato trick involves eating only potatoes for 3 to 5 consecutive days. Generally people have all chosen to run the experiment for 4 days, but they started at 3. The rest of the days of the week you can eat whatever you want. To use the potato trick, you need to eat one to two and a half pounds of potatoes a day without eating anything else. In addition to potatoes, you can drink water, coffee without sugar or sweetener, tea or herbal tea without sugar or sweetener. You cannot add oil or butter, but only: salt, pepper, vinegar or lemon juice. Potatoes can be boiled, roasted, mashed into a puree, but without peel, yellow or white flesh.

They must be cooked and then cooled and then reheated: this reduces the glycemic load of the potatoes and partially converts their starch into resistant starch.

It would be the resistant starch that works wonders in the intestine.
Furthermore, potatoes are the food with the highest satiety index: calories range from 770 for a kilo of potatoes to 1900 for two and a half kilos, the maximum allowed. A woman should therefore stand on one and a half kilograms of potatoes or so, a man two to two and a half kilos.
Obviously this is a drastic regimen: although the method works, the risk is that of having nutritional deficiencies.
However, we see the studies supporting the potato makeup and the famous cases of people who have lost weight effectively

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