Portion Control Diet: the very simple 21-day diet

Portion Control Diet: the very simple 21-day diet

It is called Portion Control Diet and it is a diet that is also having great success in Italy.

In fact, with the 21-day “Portion Control diet” you lose weight without counting calories, but thanks to a system of portions that can be found on Amazon and which in general is very useful for those who want to follow a diet.

In fact, it involves using different colored containers instead of measuring food or counting calories.
Each color corresponds to a type of food, but the dimensions of the containers are different. Depending on the weight loss plan you want to do, whether from 1200, 1300, 1400 or 1500 calories, the number of containers you can eat changes.
It can be done for at least 21 days and then until all excess weight is lost. The initial 21 days are mandatory to learn to eat according to the quantities of the containers.

The 21-day Portion Control Diet, conceived by coach Autumn Calabrese, allows you to lose weight in three weeks based on the chosen regimen. The diet is in fact also called 21 Days Fix (which we can translate as the 21 Days Remedy).

The containers can be bought in this amazon link and only on amazon . First I’ll explain how it works.


You buy the containers, which have different colors.

  1. In the green one , vegetables and vegetables (raw weight) must be placed.
  2. In purple fruit (raw weight).
  3. In the red one , protein foods (already cooked: including tofu, tempeh, eggs, but not legumes).
  4. In the yellow container potatoes, legumes and cereals, pasta, rice and bread (cooked weight), baked goods, as well as is used as a measure for wine.
  5. In the blue one , avocado, walnuts, aged cheeses, mozzarella, coconut milk with 60% fat, soft cheeses (for example stracchino, gorgonzola, brie).
  6. In the orange container , oil seeds, salad sauces and olives.
  7. Separately, depending on the nutritional plan chosen, teaspoons of oil, coconut oil, butter are allowed at which point the nutritional plan is chosen.
    In a day you have to take a number of containers of food. Let’s see the different plans. You just have to choose which calorie plan to make and use the suitable containers for that plan. Maintenance is also very easy.
    Let’s see the plan and maintenance together.

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