The potato makes you lose weight!

The potato makes you lose weight!

Well yes: fried, croquettes, baked, boiled, baked in foil. Everyone likes potatoes , but they have a high glycemic index that doesn’t make them the ideal food to overeat without worries. And while sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index but a flavor that doesn’t make everyone love them, the potato is the classic carbohydrate protagonist of many comfort foods (think of fries in bags) and friends of fatty condiments: beautiful seasoned with oil , fried, fried, or why not, stuffed or pureed (with kilos of butter, I recommend, Vissani style), potatoes are a cross and delight for people who want to lose weight. More cross: in certain diets they are strictly prohibited. But I don’t want to keep breaking you downa_bite_frozenPotatoes
how much to communicate the good, excellent news to you .

You can eat potatoes and lose weight. According to a research, all people who included potatoes in their weight loss diet tended to eat less, respect the calorie restrictions of the diet and lose weight .
According to the researchers, if the potatoes are cooked in a dietary way, they are not fattening and their glycemic index is tolerable. Not only that: despite what is said about the importance of the glycemic index, the researchers divided overweight people into three groups: one with a low glycemic index diet and few calories; another with foods with a high glycemic index and few calories; finally a third without calorie restrictions. In all three groups they fed a portion of potatoes a day cooked without too many seasonings (boiled or baked).
Strange but true, all three groups lost weight . Researchers have established that the glycemic index is important, but not essential to the diet.
What really matters is that calorie intake is low, and that dieters are able to eat foods that are satisfying and satiating. Potatoes are the most filling food there is, they lower blood pressure thanks to potassium, they have no fat, sodium and cholesterol, they contain vitamin C.
How to eat them so they don’t make you fat? Simple: in association with vegetables such as vegetables (salad, potatoes and green beans), cooked in their skins and then left to cool in the fridge, in association with protein foods (eggs, tuna, anchovies, salmon, yogurt) and fats (sour cream, oil, butter, seeds).

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