Diet for inflamed bowels: the bland diet

Diet for inflamed bowels: the bland diet

The bland diet is a diet for inflamed intestines and gastrointestinal disorders, so called because it is based on easily digestible foods, which can be useful in case of irritable bowel, reflux, gastritis, colitis and intestinal flu.

A typical example of a bland diet is in fact the Brat diet for irritable colon or the diet for diverticulitis . Let’s see what are the characteristics of this diet for inflamed intestines, what to eat and how.


With the bland diet you do not have bulky meals, but it is recommended to have small and frequent meals.

The permitted foods are all “white” and non-whole carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, toasted white bread. Whole grains are in this case highly not recommended, because they can create fermentation in a compromised intestine. Same thing for seed bread, or foods like muesli that contain dried and dehydrated fruit. Yes also to peeled and seedless ripe fruit, preferably not associated with other carbohydrates. If the fruit is winter, as in the case of apples or pears or plums, it should be eaten cooked, as well as peeled. Juices are allowed, as long as they have no added sugar and are not too acidic. For example, orange juice may be fine as long as it is sweet and without pulp. Better to avoid jams and other sweets.

For proteins, a small ration of white meats, steamed fish, very seasoned cheeses in moderation, eggs cooked with soft yolk are preferable to legumes. Vegans who have to eat a bland diet can have natural tofu (white tofu) while seitan and other products with a high gluten content are to be discarded. Soy protein isolate is also good.
Vegetables are allowed as long as they are not very fibrous, without seeds and always cooked.
The mild diet should be followed until the total remission of symptoms.

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