Herbal teas for weight loss, Bootea teatox

Herbal teas for weight loss, Bootea teatox

The fashion of the mix between detox tea and slimming herbal tea has also arrived in Italy a few months ago, after the great US and British echo. The most experienced of you will have heard of it, others may not yet know what Bootea Teatox is .

It is a treatment that contains 2 types of drinks for weight loss.

  • The daytime detox , with oolong tea, ginseng, centella asiatica, maté, lemoncina grass, ginger, fennel seeds, dandelions and nettle. This morning tea serves to stimulate thermogenesis and thus burn more calories throughout the day.
  • The bedtime cleanse , a herbal tea that contains peppermint, fenugreek, licorice, burdock, hawthorn and psyllium seeds. The latter increase intestinal regularity: it is no coincidence that it is called cleanse , or an intestinal cleansing treatment .

The idea of ​​Bootea Teatox is simple and ingenious: the detoxifying effect of some ingredients is combined with the energizing one of others and with the anti-hunger one of still others. Depending on the various times of the day, teas and herbal teas therefore meet certain requirements and combined with a healthier diet allow you to lose a lot of weight. With this mix you can therefore lose even two or three kilos every 14 days. The complete cure is 28 days.

Obviously, Bootea teatox alone runs the risk of doing nothing if we do not control the diet: so it only works if you follow a healthy low-calorie diet. It enhances weight loss, but it cannot replace the diet.

According to this review, in which a reporter says that yes, he feels more “free” , but believed that he would lose at least six kilos without doing anything, we can get the idea that the Bootea Teatox alone is not enough. So if you are looking for a purifying effect to combine with your personal diet, this is the site where to buy the product .

Alternative brands that offer similar benefits, but without the Bootea Teatox day / night option, are:

  1. The Dual 28 Days, available on Amazon.
    Dual 28 Days F-burner Tea | Slim Tea For Weight Loss | D-tox Tea | Diet & Fat Burning Tea | Purifying Tea |
  2. And the Slim Girlz slim tea: Slim Girlz Slim Tea 28 Days | Fat Burner | For Women | Purifying Tea | Natural Food Supplement. 

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