The office diet: how to lose weight if you work?

The office diet: how to lose weight if you work?

The office diet is a useful diet for those who have little time to spend at home and in the kitchen, and spend a lot of time sitting at their desk instead. It is a very simple and versatile meal plan , complete with a shopping list to make a healthy diet even if you have little time to prepare the dishes at home.

And above all, it also provides for small changes in the routine to keep the level of activity high and thus stimulate the metabolism despite the hours spent sitting at the desk.

Let’s get straight to the point starting from the shopping list.


  1. Oat flakes, long-format pasta (spaghetti, linguine), basmati rice, potatoes, beets, legumes in glass jars, citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines), light biscuits such as pavesini or fitness bars with cereals or biscuits with no added sugar, corn canned dessert, quinoa.
  2. Dehydrated fruit such as prunes or dried apricots without added oils, vegetable chips (Noberasco brand), orange or grapefruit juice with no added sugar, rice or corn cakes, wasa slices, rye bread, olive oil sandwich bread ( if possible naturally leavened or with mother yeast), almonds, extra dark chocolate higher than 80%, rice or soy noodles.
  3. Vegetables in bags (salads, spinach), carrots, cherry tomatoes, fennel, cucumbers, chopped mushrooms, frozen vegetables such as mushrooms, broccoli, aubergines or grilled peppers, frozen spring peas, soy sprouts in glass jar, pickles (not in oil), pickled olives. Frozen foods are generally from vegetables harvested after a few hours, and retain the micronutrients quite well.
  4. Fresh meat and fish, frozen fish of good origin, mussels and clams, natural tuna or mackerel. Dosed cheeses such as grana padano or parmesan in chunks, cottage cheese, skimmed white Greek yogurt, sliced ​​cheeses that have milk, salt and rennet as ingredients but without additives, bresaola, eggs, raw ham to be defatted or turkey breast / Baked chicken.
    And also skimmed or vegetable milk with no added sugar, natural tofu, fermented or grilled tofu.
    Stevia in sachets or liquid to take with you.

To avoid everything else.

Ready soups, breaded products, baked goods and biscuits too rich in sugar and calories, industrial preparations of all kinds, bars, sweet snacks, savory snacks with added fats, nuts, cured meats and processed meats, frozen products with added oils, ready sauces , alcohol, drinks other than herbal teas or tea or coffee.

This smart shopping list will allow you to have packed lunches, quick but healthy dinners, scheduled and unplanned breakfasts at the bar.
But in the diet there is also the bar option for those in a hurry.

Now let’s see the diet on page two.

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