A diet without simple sugars against steatosis

A diet without simple sugars against steatosis

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, what does it mean?

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is what many refer to as “enlarged liver” or “fatty liver” and also indicates a high presence of triglycerides in the liver. A condition not only not to be underestimated, but which, concerning the liver, affects both the body’s ability to assimilate and digest nutrients, body weight in negative, and finally cardiovascular health.
Not only that: this condition, as a result of incorrect habits continued since childhood, is also occurring in the very young.
Today, a study of adolescents with fatty liver disease has revealed that a significant improvement in this condition can be achieved in 8 weeks. How?


With a diet without simple sugars, of which I will give you some examples at the end of the article.
That is, forty teens were put on a zero-added sugar diet for eight weeks. They ate lots of vegetables, little sour-type fruit (citrus), lean proteins, eggs, legumes, rice, and whole grains.
But for 8 weeks they eliminated any added sugar and any product with sugars, from candy to sodas to fruit yogurts.
How to follow a sugar-free diet if we suffer from fatty liver?

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