The new detox water for the summer

The new detox water for the summer

Detox waters are having a lot of success: from my first article on detox water, the famous ” Sassy water ” by nutritionist Cinthia Sass, which has always had incredible benefits on me to combat water retention, I have experimented with new recipes among the most popular.

Why does detox water work? And what exactly does it consist of?

detox water

Detox water is water flavored with pieces of fruit and vegetables. It is obtained by infusing pieces of fruit and vegetables with spices, aromatic herbs and organic fruit peels.

This mix of plant substances further mineralizes the water, making it more diuretic and adding trace elements such as potassium and magnesium which help to counteract water retention, but also antioxidants. These substances pass from plants to water.

Also, detox waters are tastier to drink and work for anyone who has a hard time drinking plain water. In short, they are the healthy variant of a drink.

They are easy to make and inexpensive, but today I’m talking about an ideal detox water in weight loss diets.

It is a spicy flavored water, which we can accentuate with fresh ginger, fresh mint leaves and a cinnamon stick. The basic recipe includes an ingredient that is very effective for those who want to lose weight: cumin seeds.
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Cumin seeds have been shown to be effective in weight loss in numerous studies. They taste very aromatic, but you need very little to make this detox water. They reduce blood sugar, promote hormonal balance, reduce cholesterol.


In a liter of water to be prepared the night before, we put 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds and two-three slices of organic lemon with the peel. Add a level teaspoon of honey or rice malt or agave syrup and let the water rest overnight (or at least eight hours). As I said above, we can customize it with fresh ginger, organic Ceylon cinnamon sticks and mint leaves. Ginger for an anti-hunger and anti-inflammatory action. Cinnamon to reduce blood sugar. Fresh mint to promote a flat stomach and digestion.

The water should be drunk the next day, in the doses of a full glass before meals.


Cumin is a cure- all to purify the skin, deflate the stomach and legs, gently detoxify the liver, help natural intestinal regularity, reduce cholesterol and high triglycerides, reduce body fat without affecting lean mass.

In a three-month study, cumin was shown to be effective against metabolic syndrome, with no other dietary interventions. Taken three times a day for eight weeks, it increased weight loss by one and a half pounds in a sample of overweight women compared to a well-known weight loss drug. 

Cumin is effective both as seeds and in powder, but for this water the seeds are preferable, which in infusion will fall apart enriching the water with their benefits. Talk to your doctor before taking cumin or other substances, even natural ones.
If your doctor gives you the green light, use it to prepare for summer continuously for at least two months.

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