Lose weight in 30 days with Tracy Anderson’s plan

Lose weight in 30 days with Tracy Anderson’s plan

Famous personal trainer Tracy Anderson is the mastermind behind the fitness of the likes of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, and is also famous for having a lean, lean physique without lifting weights in the gym.

In fact, Tracy has created a training method that involves the whole body as well as a dietary lifestyle to follow forever to maintain results.

In this article we see his tips for losing weight in 30 days, with the explanation of his method described in the book “The 30-day method of Tracy Anderson”.

In fact, Tracy explains that when she arrived in New York she had gained about 10 kilos.

Only by understanding the mechanisms by which physical activity and nutrition can work in synergy was he able to put himself in perfect physical shape.


Tracy Anderson’s method combines cardio and bodyweight workouts with a simple weight loss plan that goes for a month, and which she believes works like the sorceress who transforms Cinderella for the big ball.
Not a new dress and hairstyle or crystal shoes but the transformation of one’s body into a dynamic, lean but also healthier body.

Let’s find out together how to lose weight in 30 days thanks to the Tracy Anderson method.
According to her, the results are guaranteed, as long as you respect the plan 100%, making it possible to lose about 5 kilos of fat mass.
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