Astrology. Why does it work?

Astrology. Why does it work?

We interviewed Paolo Quagliarella, author of the book: Astrology. Why does it work? A journey through some concepts of Jungian psychology, philosophy, biology, quantum physics

Astrology.  Why does it work?

The first thing we want to highlight is that the proceeds of the book will be donated entirely to charity to a children’s hospital that will be identified. For each book you purchase, around € 2.20 will be donated to charity.


What is the reason that prompted you to write this book?

Since I have been involved in Astrology, or since 1989, I have always said to myself: Astrology works, but why, why? Being a very rational person, I felt the need to have scientific explanations which I later discovered to be interpretative models of reality.

I wrote, therefore, to give an answer, first of all, to myself and then I found myself understanding how the approach I took in the book could also be foundational for all those disciplines defined as holistic or natural.


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So in the book you talk about all the holistic disciplines and their possible scientific basis?

Absolutely not. I offer interpretative models starting from biological, philosophical, psychological and quantum physics theories that try to give a foundation to Astrology but which can similarly be used to explain any other natural discipline.

It’s like when you use math to figure out how much change the baker has to give you, but the same math is used to send probes to Mars. In this example, mathematics is an interpretative model of the world.

I have tried to do a similar thing with different disciplines having as their object not the rest of the baker or the launch of the probe to Mars, but Astrology .

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Have you found answers to your question: why does astrology work?

I found several answers, but as many questions. Federico Carminati , a physicist at CERN, whom I interviewed has, in my opinion, well understood that there is not a single valid answer or a single interpretative model , but different.

So astrology, in my opinion, works according to the theories illustrated in the book, but mine is only a possible interpretation. Speaking of quantum physics and astrology, to paraphrase Niels Bohr , I write on page. 152 that: “ There is no reality. There is only an abstract description of the same through astrological symbols. It is wrong to think that the task of astrology is to find out what human nature is. Astrology is, in my opinion, about what we can say about human nature through interpretation . “.

Furthermore, as Enzo Barillà points out in the preface: ” If Astrology speaks a symbolic language, and if the symbol leads us, Jungian speaking, to the archetype, the effort most harbingers of useful results for understanding and research in the astrological field (but not only that, as can be guessed) passes through the attempt to make a fusion between psyche and matter , that is, between archetypes and quantum physics. A path already pioneered by CG Jung in his relationship with the Nobel Prize in physics Wofgang Pauli. 

The final answer that I have explained in the book on p. 201 is:  As we have been able to read, there are numerous and diverse scientific and philosophical theories that offer solid foundations to Astrology , the right to exist. As a deeply rational person, I believe that any language should be worthy of being taken into consideration when it tries to explain reality through functional rules, coherent within the system, but above all when it allows to pursue an end that is useful for humanity.

The opening question of this work, why does Astrology work? I believe it has received numerous responses from the most diverse disciplines and as many, I hope, readers can add because I also wanted to arouse curiosity and freedom of interpretation. Astrology remains, however and always, an Art, understood in the deepest sense of the term, and as such it will communicate with human beings who will be able to read it, use it, interpret it, regardless of the explanations I have tried to provide. Man is born free in a form, with defined and softly elastic boundaries but, within them, the gardens that can be created or born spontaneously are infinite . “


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