Mistakes that prevent you from losing weight / 1

Mistakes that prevent you from losing weight / 1

stairsAn interesting article in the Chicago Tribune lists some mistakes that keep you from losing weight despite all the efforts you are making to follow a diet. I have often written similar articles, I find them useful to understand that there is no such close connection between diet and body weight : not because those who want to lose weight in the end, but because often a cause-effect relationship is not so obvious and generalized, that is, it is not valid. for everyone. Also, there are often things we do in good faith that sabotage our diet. Like these :

– Eat late at night. Regardless of the calorie count, eating just before bed or having a snack because you wake up in the middle of the night never makes much dietary sense. Unfortunately I’m the first to make this mistake, and after getting into the habit of the midnight snack it’s hard to break it. The problem is not only having to spend those useless calories, but also the fact that at night we tend to eat in a more emotional and conscious way, in short, a little unconscious. Nobody wakes up wanting a nice apple. We are all looking for the biscuit or the spoonful of Nutella.
– Be strict. Restrictions in the diet are unforgiving. I know many people who after a period of strict diet give in and binge. It is truly a terrible trap that must be avoided: no diets that make you say hello with your hand to the things you love the most. Proper nutrition is one thing, fulfilling living is another, and getting depressed through food is the best way to get back on weight, add harmful stress and guilt to both your figure and your self-esteem! Better the healthy habits of the sacrifices for life. – Miss one meal, fix the next (or just don’t make it worse):

those who fail then think they have entered, psychologically speaking, in a kind of spiral of perdition of the type “I am totally capable of managing my diet, here”, “I started like this and at this point it is useless to try to fix it” and so on. It’s not like that. It can always be remedied and we are all very capable of having good feeding habits. A sgarro is a small parenthesis that is not too harmful. The important thing is to know that good and correct nutrition is seen taking into account the overall behavior, not the four cheeses of one evening. – Delete a food you love from the diet:
I don’t eat refined foods and generally avoid natural foods with a high glycemic index, such as potatoes. Plus I have a sweet tooth. The fact that I don’t normally eat refined foods doesn’t mean that once in a while I don’t put the piece of bread or pastry in my mouth. My aunt gave me a quarter of sugar-filled almond cake. Throw it away? Not even for an idea: I divided it into two portions. The first one I frozen. The second I divided it into three microfettine that have integrated my breakfast for three days in a row. The rest of the breakfast? Soy milk or yogurt and low-sugar fruit. If you eliminate a food forever, you will feel doomed to have to live your whole life without it. It does not work like that. You can eat it a little from time to time or have a free meal once a week, for example.
– Strict diet for the big event: do you want dispassionate advice? Do you have to go to your friend’s wedding, go on vacation, attend the event with the megabuffet or in three days it’s Christmas? I understood this: it is a terrible mistake to go on a diet earlier. Tremendous. The preventive diet is like purging before stomach ache. Not only does it make no sense, but it causes the body, after depriving it of the three detox days for the wedding, to metabolize the gargantuan meal more, storing fat stores more easily. Finally, there is the psychological factor:if we have not been on a diet before we will feel less authorized to fill our plate twice, in short, we will have the normal obstacles of every day even if we go out of their way a little; if we have been on vegetables for a week, we will see that occasion as a time to break free and eat three times more than we should. One solution: stay light, without exaggerating, only the day before, if we really think we want to play cunning.

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